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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Power Cord Does Not Retract ¶ 

I can't get the cord to back into the vacuum.

Button Not Engaging Fully ¶ 

The button used to retract the power cord may not be engaging fully with the internal retraction mechanism. Attempt to push directly downwards on the clear button near the handle that has a power cord "swirl" on it. If this does not work try to wiggle the button and try again.

The Cord Has Become Deformed ¶ 

If the cord has become knotted it will not be able to retract. It is important that you undo any knots that have developed in the cord of your vacuum.

Lack of Suction ¶ 

The vacuum will not suck up debris and is not cleaning the floor.

Clog In hose ¶ 

If an object or other debris has clogged up the hose or the head of the vacuum it will cease working. Turn off and unplug the vacuum then try to flex the hose to dislodge debris. Alternatively use a long thin object to knock the debris from the tube. If the head of the vacuum becomes clogged, turn off and unplug the vacuum, disconnect vacuum head, and use a long thin object to remove any debris.

Vacuum Is Not Powered ¶ 

If the vacuum will not suck up debris, make sure that it is plugged in. It is important for the vacuum to have power in order for it create suction.

Canister Will Not Release From The Rest Of The Vacuum ¶ 

The canister that holds all of the debris will not release from the machine.

Release Button Is Not Depressed ¶ 

The small silver button on the top of the machine needs to be pressed in order for the canister to be released. If this does not work, the button may be stuck on something, try wiggling it to make it work. The spring inside the opening mechanism may have been damaged to replace it follow this guide Dyson Cinetic Animal Canister Unlocking Mechanism Spring Replacement. For additional help call Dyson for support.

Vacuum Does Not Pivot ¶ 

The vacuum isn't turning properly.

A Wheel Is Stuck On Something ¶ 

The pivot mechanism depends on both wheels in the front having the ability to pivot. Make sure that neither of the wheels are blocked by anything and are able to pivot. If one of the wheels needs to be replaced refer to this guide: Dyson Cinetic Animal Stabilizer Wheels Replacement. For additional help call Dyson for support.

Motor Sounds Strange or Ceases To Work ¶ 

The vacuum sounds more high-pitched than usual, or is not making noise.

Obstruction To Intake ¶ 

Check the vent under where cord retracts for debris blocking the vent. Remove debris from over vents.

Motor Filter Clogged/Dirty ¶ 

Change the filter that is around the motor housing.

Smoking/Odd Smell ¶ 

The vacuum is starting to smell funny....

Vacuum Needs To Be Emptied ¶ 

It is possible for debris in the vacuum to have begun rotting or smelling odd. If this is the case empty out the canister.

Motor Has Overheated ¶ 

If smoke is coming out of the main ball of the vacuum then the motor may be overheated. Turn off and unplug the device. This most likely means that the motor has begun to heat up and is melting the plastic casing. The motor may need to be replaced for help refer to this guide:Dyson Cinetic Animal Ball Motor Replacement. For additional help call Dyson for support.

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GENIUS!! The cord retracts again!!! THANK YOU!!❤️

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