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Dyson Ball Animal Troubleshooting

Dyson vacuum released in 2014.

"Vacuum won't turn on or turns off unexpectedly."

This Dyson vacuum comes with an automatic safety system that will turn off the machine if it begins to overheat. If you find that your machine is turning off intermittently, the filter in you vacuum is most likely full and covering the ventilation system. An easy fix for this is to empty and wash the filter. Before replacing the filter check and make sure that there are no blockages on the vents. Do not run the device until you have let it cool for at least half an hour.

If your vacuum turns off immediately after turning it on or does not turn on, it may be a problem with the power cord. The cable usually breaks where it enters the vacuum cleaner, which can cause it to cut in and out quickly. The best option is to replace the entire cable. You can find a replacement cable at this site.

"The Dyson makes acidic smell or odd sounds"

If you notice a strange smell while operating the Dyson, it may be time to change its filter. There are two ways to eliminate the odor. Empty out the dust bin, or change the filter in the Dyson . If the smell persists after the filter is replaced and the dust bin has been emptied, the motor may need to be inspected. For help removing the filter use this guide.

If you notice a burning smell while operating the Dyson, immediately turn off the Dyson and unplug the electrical cable from power outlet to prevent potential fire hazard. Double check that the power reading on the Dyson matches the power supplied through the power outlet. If the power supplied through the power outlet is higher than the power reading of the Dyson, the burning smell may have been caused by excessive power supplied. If the power reading on the Dyson matches the power supplied through the power outlet, you may have a faulty cable. For help replacing the power cable use this guide.

If your Dyson is making a "popping sound" and giving off a burning smell, then your Dyson's motor may need to be replaced. In most cases, a new motor is required as well as a new filter. With help replacing the motor call the Dyson help support number 1-866-693-9766.

“The hose doesn’t seem to be working ”

Unplug vacuum before inspecting the hose for lodged object. Remove wand and detach external hose. For help on removing the wand and hose, use this guide.

Ensure the hose is attached completely at the base of the vacuum.

Examine the hose for any tears or punctures. If the hose appears damaged, use this guide to see how to replace.

“The base of the vacuum seems to lack suction and won’t pick things up”

If the machine will no longer efficiently pick items up, the filter might be dirty. If after cleaning the filter your vacuum is still not sucking things up, turn your vacuum around and pull the red tab at the bottom of your Dyson out. Check the external hose thoroughly running up and down the hose feeling for any nicks or lodged items. If there was no problem there, flip your Dyson and check the internal hose.

Ensure that the brushbar button, gray and next to the power button, is turned on. If this is not the issue, then the brushbar itself may be damaged or stuck. You will need to remove and check the brushbar. For help removing the brushbar use this guide.


We just got the animal 2 and the powerhead won’t turn on. Customer support is closed and of course it’s new so nothing in it.

Angela Bordignon - Reply

Dyson vacuums are way overrated in my opinion. I bought a Dyson animal four years again and was never very impressed with its performance. It has only been used as a back up for our central vac system. I Have cleaned out both filters and it still does not suck. It was not cheap, certainly the quality is not compatible with the $600 price tag.

visitus - Reply

I cleaned the filters and the Dyson stopped picking anything up

susan - Reply

How did u clean the filters?

If using water you MUST ALLOW TO DRY 24 HOURS. If you did check your hoses, also go back and make sure u have the pre filter (one in the ball) securely in place.

Hope this helps.

Lisa Yates -

My dyson upright ball it loses power sometimes I've cleaned it through out sometime I turn it on after being on for 2 min it loses power it's stops ducking up

Gavin Grogan - Reply

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