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Asus A52F XE2 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Asus A52F XE2. The specific model number is found on the bottom of the laptop on the sticker from the factory.

Computer is getting hot ¶ 

Computer is getting really hot and causing it to slow down

Air flow is blocked ¶ 

If the air vents are blocked by either a blanket or pillow the computer will not get the air required to keep it cool and will overheat. Try to keep the bottom of the laptop free of obstructions.

Dust in vents or fan ¶ 

Computers can overheat due to excessive dust and other materials stuck in the vents or fan. To fix this, use a compressed air duster to carefully blow the dust off the vents and fan.

Inadequate amount of thermal conductivity ¶ 

Your computer may not have adequate contact between the heat sink and processor. This is usually caused by a lack of thermal paste or by air in between the two components. In this case the thermal paste or thermal pads need to be replaced by following this guide. Asus A52F Cooling System Replacement

Faulty cooling system ¶ 

If neither of the above options fix the problem, the cooling system is broken and needs to be replaced. Asus A52F Cooling System Replacement

WiFi connection is intermittent and/or slow ¶ 

Web pages load slowly or not at all

WiFi is not connected ¶ 

Ensure that you have WiFi enabled in your settings and that you are also

connected to a WiFi network. Switching the WiFi connection off and then back on

may fix the issue. Another fix may be to just restart your computer.

Broken WiFi card ¶ 

If the WiFi is repeatedly switching on and off, and the error message “Network Security Key Mismatch” displays, your WiFi card may be broken. This is likely the case if other devices can connect to the WiFi. Asus A52F Wifi Card Replacement

Missing WiFi drivers ¶ 

In Windows 7,8, vista, and XP, wifi drivers are sometimes missing, preventing the WiFi from working. Simply download the wifi driver from

Screen is Not working ¶ 

Screen cracked, dead pixels, anything physically broken, will not turn on.

Device is off ¶ 

While very obvious it is possible that the laptop died since the last time you used it and you did not expect it. Charge the laptop if so and check if the problem persists.

Display is disabled ¶ 

The computer may have been previously set to “Projector mode;” to set the computer back to “Computer Only” press the Windows key and P, release both keys and press enter. If this doesn’t work, there is something wrong with the hardware(the screen itself) and needs to be replaced.

Dead pixels ¶ 

If the ASUS A52F screen has dead pixels then the screen has to be replaced. Dead Pixels are identified by either a solid black or white dot on the screen (based on screen type) and when the image on screen changes the dot does not change. Asus A52F Screen Replacement

Low number of programs can run at the same time ¶ 

The more programs that are running, the slower the computer is

Background processes ¶ 

Check your task manager, accessed from the key command of Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Under the Processes tab you can see all processes and have the ability to end tasks by right clicking on a process and clicking "End task".

Running out of RAM ¶ 

RAM is the memory that the computers use to run programs. This is different than computer storage, that is where files are saved. To check how much of your RAM you are using press ctrl + shift + esc and click on the performance tab. In the bottom right corner you will see “Physical Memory:” and then a percentage. This is your RAM usage. If this percentage is close to or above 80% with close to or less than average number of programs running. (e.g. Three internet tabs and a word processing program). Asus A52F RAM Replacement

Computer opens programs/files slow ¶ 

Things generally take longer. (e.g. Windows starting up, opening programs, file transfer)

Original drive speed is slow compared to today's drives ¶ 

When the device was purchased it had a 5400 RPM hard drive but hard drives have increased in capacity to drive speeds e.g 7200 RPM or even having an SSD. If your performance is not up to par you may want to upgrade the hard drive to a better model instead of getting a new laptop. Asus A52F Hard drive Replacement

Hard drive is fragmented ¶ 

Defragmentation is the computer's process of organizing data on your hard drive. To check if you need to defragment your disk, click the Windows button is in the bottom left, and type in “Disk Defragmenter”. Open the disk defragmenter, click on the drive you want to check, it will most likely be called “Windows7_OS(C:)” or something similar. Select it, and click analyze. When it finishes analyzing and it is more than 10% fragmented, Windows suggests that you defragment it. This will not move any of your files, it just makes your computer able to access them faster.

Old files taking up space ¶ 

When hard drives start to fill up with information they start to slow down because your computer has to look through more data. If you have less than 25% of your storage free consider upgrading your hard drive. To calculate this percentage click the Windows button in the bottom left, and click on “Computer”. You will see a drive named “Windows7_OS(C:)” or something similar. Under the blue bar there is two numbers, the first is the number of gigabytes you have free, the second is the number of gigabytes of the drive. Take the first number and divide it by the second number, multiply the result by 100.


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