We're just some folks with repair on our minds...

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Master Techs

Working to save the public money and time.

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MacHale Enterprises

Doing Macintosh sales and service professionally since 1984. I also help people find repair solutions on iFixit since 2010 as user Mayer.

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Strictly pro bono repairs. I only repair devices that I have a personal interest in

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Self employed contract worker

Work for a few companies as their in-house hardware & network support.

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Android Alliance

A group of like minded fan boys/girls dedicated to creating and maintaining repair guides and device pages for the vast array of Android devices. It's time...

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Nick's IT services

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RDKL, Inc.

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Anyone who isn't already on a team (or if you are switch if you want), join this team. This team is for anyone who just wants to be on a team and loves the...

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iFixit EU Team

The European side of iFixit: Same same only different ;)

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iPad Rehab

We are the micro soldering experts! We primarily do board-level repairs on iDevices. Our customers are mostly other repair shops that prefer to outsource...

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iFixit Europe

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Everything iPod

This is a team for those strictly interested in everything iPod; ways to use iPods, fix iPods, modify iPods, and know just about all there is to know about...

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Mike's Super Duper Computer Repairs

We offer Super Duper computer repairs

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iCenter SARL

Wholesale & Retail Repair and Sales of Parts, Accessories, and Hardware for Mac Computers, PCs, Smartphones, and Tablets.

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Kid fixers

Members of iFixit under 21.

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Community Protectors

For those who monitor and enforce the rules.

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Ru Translators iFixit

Team of translators to russian language.

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Apple fan boys

We LOVE everything Apple. R.I.P. Steve Jobs

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Not fanboys! Just fanatical about all things Apple. Lovers of well executed design aesthetics and a well planned and intuitive interface! A positive and...

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smartphone repair shop / bar

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The Repair Genius

Fixing everything that has a problem. Working to keep technology running in your hands, and out of the garbage.

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Philadelphia Fixers

Anyone who lives in Philadelphia and fixes stuff.

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Device Savers

Device Savers fixes everything from tablets to phones, drones to go pro cameras. We specialize in all forms of consumer electronics and professional...

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i 修 | iPhone 维修

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anonymous to avoid solicitation of business through forum

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We love fixing stuff! We specialize in PS4 & Xbox One game consoles but we also repair Apple products, laptops and many other electronics.

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