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Restart Project

The Restart Project is a London-based social enterprise that encourages and empowers people to use their electronics longer, by sharing repair and maintenance skills.


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Find out about us on our own website, or

visit our home on iFixit.

Who are we?

The Restart Project aims for a shift of behaviour towards a more sustainable and a happier relationship with our electronics. Our monthly community electronic repair events in London which we call "Restart Parties", replicated across the globe, are just the beginning.

Our story.

We share iFixit's ethos and greatly appreciate its work, which complements our own. In October 2017 iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens visited and spoke at our International Fixfest, organised to celebrate our 5 years of existence, returning a visit by our co-founder Janet Gunter to iFixit HQ in January 2016. We have had discussions on various occasions with a view to understanding better how together we can support the repair movement.

Janet Gunter, co-founder of The Restart Project, discusses our work with iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens.

Kyle Wiens speaking at Fixfest 2017.

Hold your own Restart Party!

If you would like to hold a Restart Party in your own community then please download our Restart-Party-in-a-box from Host a repair event in your community.

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We believe that our Restart Parties shouldn't just be a chance for a free repair but rather an opportunity for people to understand their devices better in order to be able to keep them longer, make better buying choices, and maybe even start repairing their own devices.

Sharing our Knowledge

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In support of that aim we have established a Restart Project Wiki as a place to share our knowledge and skills. A growing collection of pages cover general topics such as Repairing with Others, Techniques Skills and Tools, Understanding how stuff works (or doesn't), and a series of articles covering a wide range of computer hardware and software, gadgets and domestic items. Unlike the many excellent iFixit repair guides we concentrate on general principles applicable to whole classes of items rather than specific makes and models, assuming the minimum of prior knowledge but only a curiosity about how things work and a willingness to learn.

We would welcome additional wiki authors and editors. If you have knowledge to share and are able to express it clearly then please get in touch.

The Restart Code

If you share our values, sign up to the Restart Code!