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Cal Poly, Team 21-21, Maness Fall 2011

Student Team

Team Tag: CPSU-MANESS-F11S21G21

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Guide Image

Linksys WAP54g Casing Replacement

Removing the casing in order to repair other components of the device.

Guide Image

Linksys WAP54g Antennas Replacement

This guide goes over replacing the antennas if they aren't working.

Guide Image

Liquid Damage Technique

This guide is a liquid damage repair guide. If the device is not working and...

Guide Image

Linksys WAP54g Bottom Casing/Motherboard Replacement

This guide will show how to remove the bottom casing and the motherboard to...

Guide Image

Linksys WAP54g LED Lights Replacement

If the status lights aren't on and the router seems to be working this is the...

Guide Image

Linksys WAP54g Top Casing Replacement

In order to make repairs to the device other than removing the antennas,...