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Guide Image

Palm m105 case replacment

If your case is cracked, does not snap together, or is damaged in any other...

Guide Image

Palm m105 Button Board Replacement

In this guide you will learn how to remove the necessary parts to clean or...

Guide Image

Palm m105 Display Screen Replacement

This guide will help you to replace the screen display on your Palm m105.

Guide Image

Palm m105 Batteries Replacement

This guide will help you to install and/or replace the batteries in the Palm...

Guide Image

Checking and Setting Palm m105 Contrast Settings

This guide will help you to set and verify the current contrast level of the...

Guide Image

Resetting the Palm m105

This guide will instruct you on how to manually reset the device in two...

Guide Image

Palm m105 Motherboard Replacement

This guide is to complete an installation of a new motherboard.