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Cal Poly, Team 12-3, Green Winter 2015

Student Team

Team Tag: CPSU-GREEN-W15S12G3

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Guide Image

Sony BDP-S1 RC Socket Replacement

RC sockets are the red and white jacks in the...

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Sony BDP-S1 Button Replacement

If your buttons keep getting stuck on your...

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How to Replace Lens in Eyeglasses with Thin Metal Frames

Eyeglasses are composed of a frame and two...

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How to restring an Acoustic Guitar

Do you have an acoustic guitar that needs to be...

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Shower Head Replacement

Do you have a leaky shower head, or just want...

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Sony BDP-S1 Optical Drive Motor Replacement

Open up the optical drive and take it apart...

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Sony BDP-S1 Optical Drive Replacement

Remove the screws holding the optical drive in...