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University of Alabama, Team S1-G1, Bedsole Spring 2018

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Team Tag: UA-BEDSOLE-S18S1G1

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Guide Image

Speaker Assembly Replacement

Getting to the heart of the matter: Disassembling the Sony XB40 Speaker

Guide Image

Sony SRS-XB40 Speaker Replacement

Removing and replacing a bad or broken speaker from the speaker housing.

Guide Image

Sony SRS-XB40 Auxiliary Input Replacement

Removing and Replacing the Auxiliary Input Port.

Guide Image

Sony SRS-XB40 Battery Replacement

This guide will inform you how to replace a faulty battery in the Sony SRS-XB40.

Guide Image

Sony SRS-XB40 Motherboard Replacement

Removing and Replacing the Motherboard of the speaker.

Guide Image

Sony SRS-XB40 LED Control Panel Replacement

This guide will show you how to disassemble and replace the electrical boards...