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Great Parts. Great Tools. Tremendous User Error.

raiden63 -

iPhone 5

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iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

1 hour


My Problem

My screen became terribly cracked and I needed to replace it. Replacing the glass itself is a ##&&% and a half and required lots of tools I didn't want to invest in. So I went with replacing the entire display assembly.

Battery was also crapping out so I figured I ought to replace that while I'm at it.

My Fix

As usual, the Pro Tech toolkit did the job splendidly. It really is the screwdriver set I never knew I needed.

The repair, while a bit more complex than I expected, went well. Parts worked like a charm, and the guides were spot on. That said, it took about 1.5 more hours than it should have because I dropped literally the world's tiniest screw into the carpet. This warranted a tremendous amount of search, including vaccuming and sifting through the debris.

My phone works now. And has one less screw in it.

My Advice

1) Read the steps in the guide COMPLETELY, before doing something like, say, putting too much force on the suction when taking off the old display and basically destroying it in the process.

2) I hear iFixit has a magnetic pickup tool for this exact screw situation.

3) While looking for tools I learned that I own what is now referred to as the "Classic" Pro Tech kit. I have some shopping to do.

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