Repair Stories

These are stories, written by people just like yourself, all about repair. Some end well; some end poorly, but all are fascinating tales of repair adventures. Read through some of the stories below, and perhaps you will be inspired to fix some of your own things — even the ones that aren't broken... yet.

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I love my Kindle

susanmariesebastian on

I have had my Kindle for years. It's the second generation and it's given me hours of joy. So much so that the battery finally died. It wouldn't take a charge any more.

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Broken Front Glass

sjacks on

Broke the front glass

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Broke Screen Again!

mamawuh on

My daughter cracked the display on yet another iphone:( I didn't really mind because I like to repair rather than replace and this wasn't my first repair.

This phone repair required a new display, the previous repair required a display and battery. This daughter is one of my teens that is very hard on her electronics. I have another teen that's NEVER broken anything. Even has a working shuffle.....

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The "Dead" MacBook Air (or, "What 'Water Damage'?")

jordan on

My mother abandoned her 2011 MacBook Air after a spilled glass of water "killed" it. But three years later, to my surprise, it booted perfectly -- just three dead keys. Apple Store and others warned of a $700 repair fee (at least) to replace the top case -- when I suggested trying it myself the guy looked at me like I'd proposed setting up my own municipal sewer system. (And where would I get the part? he sneered.) But eBay got me a $100 top case in mint condition, iFixit provided the tools and knowledge, so I took the plunge.

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MacBook Air Fan Replacement

andreasjohansson on

Fan was making a shrieking noise when on - didn't matter CPU load, etc.

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Classic Mac Rebuild

doshry on

Had to upgrade my G4 Cube!

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11 year old defeats the Red Ring of Death (Xbox 360)

codrock on

We were expecting it to happen at some point. An old Xbox 360, out of warranty. One day there's a loud POP, and it no longer works. Instead of the usual green glow around the on-switch, the dreaded Red Ring of Death appears.

Game over.

The options are limited in this scenario. 1. Get a new one (nope), 2. get another 2nd hand one (maybe), or, 3. lets see if we can fix it. What could go wrong? If we try option 3 and fail, then we can resort to option 2.

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No Wifi for weeks!

tim on

One day the wifi on my Macbook Pro went out. I was bummed! I tried a few software tricks like re-installing the OS, resetting the SMC and NVRAM, but nothing worked! Still "no hardware installed" for the wifi card. I had to think about how I was going to access the internet on my laptop all the time, it had basically become a glorified desktop. Can I physically connect to the network? Did I bring my ethernet cable? It was a total drag.

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Banff in the car mix revived!

paterson24 on

I could no longer operate my iPod. If I did manage to start it up it often sounded like the hard disc was just repeatedly spinning up and it would never complete charging. Also, the center click button was getting really difficult to click.

I really wanted to access some songlists put together during and for some amazing road trips in the USA and Canada.

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Get the full assembly, not LCD/Front Panel/Digitizer only

bronson on

Problem: Broken screen

Solution: Order display only (not camera or home button)

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