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Multimeter Test Leads



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Additional Leads for Electronic Test Equipment

Whether or not you have lost one of those invaluable test probes that came with your Digital Multimeter, or you just want some different tips, these multimeter test leads are right for you.

Supplementary Leads feature cables with a myriad of interchangeable tips, including alligator clips, banana plugs, spade lugs, and insulated probes.

Replacement Probes are just like the probes that came with the multimeter, featuring banana plugs on one side and insulated probes on the other.

Multimeter Probes are a unique measurement tool that run the leads through a set of tweezers, enabling you to make easy electronic measurements with only one hand.

Repair Stories

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Replaced digitizer on my kid's Toshiba Kids Tablet.

My Fix

Went well, considering I used less than decent tools from radio shack. Unacceptable.

My Advice

Buy your tools from ifixit before you need them. When I ordered a digitizer I thought I ordered one that came with the necessary tools but that wasn't the case. I ra . . .