Halberd Spudger

Halberd Spudger



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Hook and Slice Your Way to Repair Victory

  • An excellent compliment to our Standard Spudger
  • Specifically shaped for electronics repair, this spudger features a hook for scooping, scraping, pulling, and guiding.
  • Measuring in at only 0.6 mm thick, the razor-thin blade features a handy depth guide, allowing for precise depth control.
  • Made of the same ESD-safe fiber-reinforced nylon as the regular spudger.
  • Loosen adhesive, flip up connectors, pull cables, clean out grooves. This spudgers allows for a variety of tasks un-achievable with the standard spudger.

Repair Stories

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My Problem

The SuperDrive on the MBP was just spitting out cd's and DVD's left and right. It was not good and the customer was frustrated and upset. I was able to get a used certified part and fix it with ease, which made my client happy.

They had it that same afternoon.

My Fix

Repair was easier than I expected.

My Advice

"Take . . .