MacBook 8x SuperDrive


Product code: IF186-045-1
Apple Part #: 661-5025

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MacBook 8x SuperDrive


Product code: IF186-045-1
Apple Part #: 661-5025

Product Overview

SuperDrive underperforming?

Replace it with our Apple logo, dual-layer drive. Includes metal mounting bracket. Does not include orange ribbon cable. The cable can be easily transferred from your current optical drive.


Identify your Mac

  • All 13.3" MacBooks (excluding Early or Mid 2009 MacBooks, MacBook Unibody, and MacBook Air)

Product Details

  • Speed: 8x DVD-R write
    4x DVD-RW write
    8x DVD+R write
    4x DVD+RW write
    24x CD-R write
    10x CD-RW write
    8x DVD read
    24x CD read
  • Model #: UJ-857-C or UJ-867 or GSA-S10N

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Used, fully tested

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My Problem

My old SuperDrive hadn't worked for years. It was okay for a while, but I finally needed to upgrade my OS to do most anything. I decided it was time to do this repair.

My Fix

IT WAS SOOOO EASY using the ifixit guide. I had broken it all down and cleaned it once already to no avail, but this time I just looked over the guide and did it without the guide and it took maybe 45 minutes. The used part even came with all the mounting hardware and the bluetooth cradle. I only had to swap over my old cable.

I'll be doing some other repairs in the near future to keep my 2006 Macbook out of the landfill. I'm hoping to have this be my primary computer for at least 3 more years.

My Advice

Get a few egg cartons or small boxes and label them with the step number they go with and put parts or screws in them so it's SUPER EASY to get things back together.


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