Google’s New Repair Mode Keeps Your Phone’s Data Safe While It’s at the Repair Shop
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Google’s New Repair Mode Keeps Your Phone’s Data Safe While It’s at the Repair Shop

The feature we’re most excited about in the recent Pixel update isn’t the Gemini Nano on-device AI engine—it’s Repair Mode, which will let you block access to personal data when you take your phone in for repair. 

  • Google’s latest Pixel update introduces Repair Mode, a game-changing feature that protects your personal data during repairs, eliminating the need for time-consuming backups and wipes.
  • The new Pixel Diagnostic App (launched from the Phone App) complements Repair Mode, allowing you to run diagnostic tests before and after repairs to ensure your device is in top shape.
  • Google’s revamped repair manuals with iFixit make DIY fixes more accessible, with more manuals for various devices in the pipeline.
  • This trend isn’t isolated to Google; Samsung joined the privacy-focused repairs club last year with its Galaxy S21 maintenance mode.
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“Most repair techs are trustworthy people who just want to help you get your stuff working again. But it can be nerve-racking to unlock your phone for a stranger, and repair techs shouldn’t need access to your data to confirm that the speakers or cameras work. We’re glad to see Google introducing this feature that takes the worry and hassle out of sending in a phone for repair,” said Kyle Wiens, iFixit CEO.

“Repair Mode gives you peace of mind knowing that your personal data is protected and preserved, even when your device is out of your hands — whether you’re sending your device to a repair shop or taking it in for service,” Steven Nickel, director of devices and services operations at Google, told iFixit.