Pixel Perfect: Fix Your Google Pixel Phone with Genuine Parts from iFixit
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Pixel Perfect: Fix Your Google Pixel Phone with Genuine Parts from iFixit

Are you #TeamPixel for life, but your Google Pixel phone needs an assist? Get your fix on today! We’ve got genuine Google Pixel parts in stock now, for Pixel 2 through Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. To help you navigate your repair, our team at iFixit has prepared guides for every Pixel model. Repairability is a key feature for any phone, and having original spare parts is a great way to get it—hooray for genuine Google Pixel parts!

At launch, we’ve got all the most important parts available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and European countries where Pixel is available: Screens, batteries, charging ports, adhesives, and rear cameras. But we’re not stopping there. We will support newer phones as soon as possible after they come out: This fall, we will have a full selection of Pixel 6a parts plus a full set of repair guides. For Pixel models 2 and later, we will continue to add more types of parts to our catalog. 

You can buy these parts alone or in our complete-solution Fix Kits, which come with everything you need to fix your phone, from our iOpener to get you inside, to genuine adhesive to seal everything back up. Either way, parts come backed by iFixit’s Lifetime Guarantee (on everything except batteries, which come with a 1-year warranty).

Looking to fix the whole neighborhood’s Pixels? Wholesale parts are available through our Pro network for the US, EU, CA, and AU markets. That means independent shops can offer genuine parts, too. When consumers have more options, more repairs happen, and prices stay fair—you can fix your phone yourself, or take it to a wide variety of professionals. Keeping that kind of competition in the repair market is a vital part of why iFixit is fighting for Right to Repair laws. It’s refreshing to see more and more companies voluntarily stepping up and offering access to genuine parts.

Since we’ve been working with the Google Pixel team, they’ve made some serious repairability gains. Google has made more components modular and worked to prioritize battery and display repairs. Since the Pixel 3, which earned a 4 out of 10 on our repairability scale, no Pixel has scored lower than a respectable 6 out of 10.

Google also offers something we wish were industry standard: The Pixel software and calibration tool is available to the public for free. This option is a huge boon for the repair and refurbishment industries, which rely on being able to activate aftermarket parts. We’re happy to see all the ways Google Pixel is working to support repair, and we’re excited to see what’s next.

Don’t let your Pixel languish with a cracked screen or aging battery—make sure it’s living its best life.