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I'm a journalist and a tinkerer. I was a staff writer at's Gadget Lab for five years, and I wrote reviews and how-tos for Cult of Mac for even longer. I've also written about sustainability and ethics in technology for Fast Company and Straight No Filter.

Expertise-wise, I know quite a bit about Macs, iPhones and iPads, cameras, and anything to do with electric guitars. When I see a gadget, object, or even a piece of furniture I like, my first move is always to look under it, behind it, or inside it, to see how it's put together.

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My proudest fix-it moments:

- Reflowing the solder on the CPU of a white plastic iBook, using a heat gun, plus several wooden cutting boards and a heap of tinfoil to insulate the surroundings. The whole repair was a weeks-long saga, but I won in the end, and the computer kept going for years afterwards.

- Coming back to a student friend's house after the pub to play Super Nintendo, the CRT TV was broken. I dug around inside, found a blackened fuse, dug around inside a second busted TV to find a similar one, and saved the night.

- Building my own electric guitar from spares and parts.