Repair Stories

All the Awesome Ways You Used iFixit Tools This Year

Most people come to iFixit looking for help fixing their laptop or phone. But our guides and toolkits go far beyond popping a new battery in your iPhone or speeding up your MacBook with an SSD. And we heard some great repair stories from our fixer community in 2019.

Sure, you can throw a virtual rock and hit someone sharing their story about building a PC, restoring their retro game console, or modding their PS4 controller with our tools:

You might even find folks repairing their TV or opening up old game cartridges:

But that’s just where the fixer bug starts. Once you have our Pro Tech Toolkit, you’ll start seeing broken things everywhere, on the hunt for that next fixer’s high. Like when the cupholder in your car can no longer keep your morning elixir from spilling…

…or when you break an earring.

If you have kids, you’ll probably reach for our Manta Driver Kit when the crib needs adjusting…

…when their doll needs a visit to the iFixit hospital (get well soon!)…

…or when your little one has broccoli up their nose.

Our tools even come in handy when you need to take apart your other tools (paging Xzibit…).

Heck, no matter how many drug store tweezers I have in my house, iFixit’s precision tweezers are always the ones I reach for first.

Because that’s the thing about fixing. It starts out of necessity–your phone’s screen is cracked and you need a new one–but that feeling of accomplishment hypes you up to fix something else. Then something else, then something else…until you realize half the things bugging you about your house were easily fixable with a few twists of the right screwdriver.

Check out our holiday gift guide to find the perfect toolkit for the tinkerer in your life. Throughout the month of December, you can get $10 off a purchase of $50 or more with the code FIXMAS10. But the Fixmas spirit doesn’t have to end there—tag us in your projects year-round on Twitter and Instagram @ iFixit.