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I’m an experienced technology journalist who has been rooting phones, building PCs, and teaching people how to use their gadgets for 10 years. I previously served as the editor-in-chief of Lifehacker and the editor-in-chief of How-To Geek. I currently write for numerous publications including the New York TimesPopular Science,  PCMag, and IGN. My work has also appeared in Wired, MacworldThe Daily Beast, and Engadget, and my expertise has been featured in interviews in in GQ, NPR, Business Insider, and Playboy.

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I’ve been inspired to crack open my tech and make the most of it ever since I replaced my MacBook’s optical drive with an SSD. Here are some recent articles and guides I’ve written:

You can see more of my clips at, and follow me on Twitter @WhitsonGordon.