Galaxy Note9 Teardown Wallpapers

Note to Note lovers: We tore down the Samsung Galaxy Note9—and besides a 21% increase in battery capacity and a fancy new S Pen with remote capabilities, not much has changed between models. Impressively sized battery? Yes. Dramatically better device? No. So instead of rushing to the store for a senseless upgrade, we’ve got a way for you to upgrade your Note8 to a Note9—without paying a dime!

What’s the trick? Wallpapers. Simply download these photos and set them as the background (or lock screen) on your phone. Then, gather your friends and brag about how you got to upgrade for free! They’ll take a look at your screen, see the Note9 components, and be like, “Wow! How did you do that? You’re so cool!”

Galaxy Note9 teardown wallpaper
Download me to impress your friends.

Our friends at Creative Electron also hooked you up with a sweet X-ray wallpaper. Download this, and your friends will think you’re a magician now, too! Fact: You really can’t get any cooler than a magician.

Galaxy Note9 x-ray wallpaper
Download me to become a magician.

If your friends get jealous, tell them to search our blog for their device, and they can upgrade for free download see-through wallpapers for themselves. Or, share this with them instantly by clicking the Share button below. The 2018 teardown season is just getting started, so stay tuned for more teardowns and wallpapers coming soon!

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