Samsung Galaxy Note8 Teardown Wallpapers

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Teardown Wallpapers

The Galaxy Note 10 may not have a headphone jack. But who needs the Note 10 when the Galaxy Note8 is still a capable device? If you’re rocking the Note8, here are some teardown wallpapers to display front and center.

The Note8 comes with a handful of modular components on the inside, making replacement pretty straightforward. You first have to get the device open, however, which is anything but easy, thanks to a rear glass panel that uses more glue than all of my elementary school projects combined.

But if you still want to show off the beautiful interior of your Note8, we have teardown wallpapers you can download and display while keeping the device intact. Just open up this page on your phone, find the wallpaper that you want, and click on the photo to view it at full resolution. Save the image to your phone, long-press on the home screen, and choose “Wallpapers” to select it from your photos after downloading.

Galaxy Note8 Internal Wallpaper:

Galaxy Note8 internal wallpaper

Galaxy Note8 X-Ray Wallpaper:

A big thanks to Creative Electron for providing an X-ray shot!

Galaxy Note8 X-ray wallpaper

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