Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G Teardown Wallpapers

There are so many neat, surprising things stuffed inside the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G, the most extra of Samsung’s very extra phablets. Why not make all those cameras, stacked motherboards, and 5G millimeter wave antennas visible with our internal and X-ray wallpapers?

Luckily, you won’t have to take apart Samsung’s hand-stretching slab, because we did that for you and took pictures while we were inside.

To use these wallpapers on your own Note10+ 5G (or another phone, we won’t say anything), start by opening this post on your device. Find the wallpaper below that you prefer, then tap the image with a finger or S Pen. It should open up at full resolution; tap and hold to save that image to your phone. 

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G Internal Wallpaper:

Wallpaper-sized image of the inside of a Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G X-Ray Wallpaper (courtesy of Creative Electron):

X-Ray image of the inside of the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G phone.

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