This guide will show you how to replace the screen on your S7. You will need to remove most components from the back of the display assembly, and then carefully pry the screen and digitizer off of the midframe. You will need to be very patient and careful to avoid damaging the soft button cables that wrap around the midframe.

This guide involves removing the rear glass cover, you will need replacement adhesive to reattach the back cover to the phone.

If your screen is badly shattered, wear eye protection, and apply a screen-protector, or tape, to the display to help contain glass shards.

Video Instructions

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To reassemble your device, apply the adhesive to the rear cover and follow these instructions in reverse order.

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The screen replacement went smooth. I just wish it included the adhesive. I didn't see the note where the adhesive needed to be ordered in addition to the screen. Otherwise everything went well.


march11934 - Reply

For the price of the screen, I can replace it in a Samsung repair center...

I just need to replace the glass, not all of the AMOLED touch screen... :-( Sorry but this didn't help me.

Darky - Reply

How much cost u paid to service centre for original display for samsung s7

Durgaprasad -

I'm wanting to help my friend do this but I don't have a heat gun. Would a blow dryer work to loosen the glue or does it need to be hotter? He got a quote for 200 from a shop to fix it but they said it takes a month…lame! I've replaced screens in many tables and phones and I have all the necessary tools other than the heat gun and the replacement screen components obviously.

Adam Bacon - Reply

@Adam Bacon Heat guns are quite inexpensive. The model she uses in this video runs about $20 or less in most shops. A blow dryer may work, but it’s difficult to say for certain. The adhesive Samsung uses is pretty robust. If you find yourself fixing a lot of devices you should really consider investing in a heat gun.

E West -

I did this repair. A heat gun isn’t really hot enough to remove the screen without destroying it. A hair drying isn’t going to touch the glue.

armand -

I just want to add that if you only need to replace the glass, this is not the guide for you, and the difficulty rating is a 10 of 10. What I would do to replace just the front glass, is to avoid all these steps, and remove the glass from the front. Do not attempt to remove the AMOLED screen, it will shatter in the process of removing it. You will notice in this video, the screen shatters in the bottom left of the phone, behind the glass.

The other issue is that the glass is laminated to a filter, which is backwards from many screens, where the LCD panels are laminated to the filter, and the screen floats. When you buy a replacement glass, you will need one that has the laminated filter attached, or you will need to figure out a way to separate the two pieces. (I could not).

armand - Reply

armand what did you use to remove the back, i’ve tried the hair dryer with no luck. Thanks;


nena_boricua52 -

I would also like to point out that both the front and back glass are extremely brittle. If you broke your glass, because the phone landed on its side, then check for spurs. The smallest protrusion will shatter the glass while applying pressure to seal the adhesive application. I had the tiniest of a protrusion, and the back glass exploded. Thankfully, those are cheap.

armand - Reply

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