Is your battery running out way too fast? Are you forced to recharge your S7 more than once a day? This guide will show you how to remove the tired old battery in your S7 and replace it with a new one.

This guide involves removing the rear glass cover, you will need replacement adhesive to reattach the back cover to the phone.

Before disassembling your phone, discharge the battery below 25%. A charged lithium-ion battery can catch fire and/or explode if accidentally punctured.

Video Instructions

New Battery = Faster iPhone
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To reassemble your device, apply adhesive to the back glass and follow these instructions in reverse order.

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After this is it still waterproof?

Edgar Rodríguez García - Reply

Sooooooooo why exactly did Samsung make it impossible to open the phone?

Dan Laemmerhirt - Reply

The display is coming off instead of the back panel. Do you have any suggestions if this happens?

scottrape - Reply

How much time do I hit to open back panel? I almost hit 10min using hit gun but It didn't open at all.

Jay - Reply

This was one of the most difficult repairs I have done, but it worked. First off I absolutely could not get anything except a tiny Flathead screwdriver wedged in to the glass to pry it up, which cracked the glass even more than it already was, but thankfully I was replacing the back glass as well. The battery was also glued in unbelievably well, and the battery ended up bending pretty bad when I pried it out, even with a lot of extra heat.

Overall a massive pain in the rear, but I got it all working properly now thanks to the video. I used a Wagner heat gun for this, I don’t think a hair dryer would be sufficient!

Eric Vardin - Reply

I was a bit concerned cause I was using a 300w heat gun instead of the big one in the video, but patience paid off. One tip for anyone else is to make sure the battery is at the TOP of the cutout for it, my connector almost didn’t reach. Nothing broke, phone is on and running, only concern is that I didn’t get all the old glue off, so it might not be water resistant anymore.

Note: Much harder with a screen protector, ended up needing to remove mine and now it’s got dust under it. Luckily, that’s an easy fix, just annoying.

Brian Kurtz - Reply

I really wish she would show how to reassemble the phone. How hard is it to work with the new adhesive? I also wonder about the waterproofing after this is complete.

Todd Cooper - Reply

Repair was relatively easy. The problem was with the ifixit-purchased battery which ended up swelling and cracking the rear glass. The battery purchased through them currently lasts 3 minutes off of the charger.

Matthew Martin - Reply

I feel the same way Todd. The video should show you how it goes back together as well, because I bet thats the hard part.

Marc Gale - Reply

I accidentally jabbed the old battery rather hard, pierced it. And then that battery became amazingly very super hot. I’m up where winter is cold, and I put the battery out on my driveway lest it light something on fire. Was still hot as !&&* 20 minutes later. Now I understand why they say we should never put these things in the trash or a landfill cuz they could start a fire.

David Abbott - Reply

I replaced the battery ok and the phone worked ok. Plugging the charger in, the phone reports charging - but it isn’t and the charge decreased until the phone turned off. I put the old battery in, but it is in the same state - phone reports charging, but charge is decreasing. Any ideas on what is damaged or I should replace?

Jim Logan - Reply

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