The machine described below has been running almost without maintenance for 17 years and has surprisingly still produced coffee, albeit badly. However, it was completely polluted. The heating was renewed,

the grinding stones exchanged, the brewing group revised, the transmission and all moving parts after-greased, all essential seals exchanged. After that it works again excellent.

  1. Never forget: Pull the plug out!
    • Never forget: Pull the plug out!

    • Remove all attachments such as drawers, water tank, brewing unit.

    • Carefully pull the steam button out. If it is too tight, first loosen the cover (steps 2 to 4), lift slightly and then push the ratchet nose with a small screwdriver.

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  2. The bean container is fixed with two Phillipps screws. Unscrew those. The adjusters of the mill and the coffee can remain.
    • The bean container is fixed with two Phillipps screws. Unscrew those. The adjusters of the mill and the coffee can remain.

    • Lift the bean container up und remove it from the device.

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    • The lid is equipped with four screws, two at the bottom front, two at the back up. One is a Torx 10, the other cross-slot.

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    • Now the cover can be lifted off. Pull backwards, then diagonally forward. Remove the silicone hose from the water tank.

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    • On the work table, a cloth is laid, the machine is then placed on the back. The turntable may have to be pulled out on the ground eventually.

    • On the right side of the floor are several rectangular openings. At the third is a catch with which the complete unit is attached. This is pushed backwards, then you can pull the entire unit upwards. This sometimes gets stuck when the machine is very dirty.

    • You have to pay attention to two things: The power cord must be able to slide freely, and the catch of the bottom drawer must not jam.

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    • A view of the unit from behind. Above left the mill, in front of that the flowmeter. On the far left is the Ulka pump, in the middle of the boilers for the fast steam, among the gearbox with the engine. Right below the heater. Right up the control electronics

    • From the front you can see the grinder, the base plate with the recess for the support valve and the drive shaft. On the left is the fully calcified heate

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Repeat the steps in the reverse order to re-mount the unit.

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