This video shows you how to repair/replace the broken LCD Screen of OnePlus 3. The version of OnePlus 3 in the video is A3000. Please check your model before buying replacement parts.

Fix screen of OnePlus 3 with the following situations:

Touch display is broken, cracked& shattered;

The touch screen is not working;

The OnePlus 3 LCD Screen is black & unresponsive;

Colored spots and lines keep showing on the LCD display;

There is a yellow, orange or black spot in the same area of the touch screen;

Rainbow pattern or color-blocks shows on some areas of LCD screen;

The touch display is not sensitive enough to unlock your smart phone.

Note: It is difficult and complicated to separate LCD screen with back housing for OnePlus 3. Plz be careful.

Video Instructions

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Father's Day Gift Guide
Let’s honor those who taught us how to fix.

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Soo. Has anyone tried this yet?

Paddy - Reply

Hi kindly can you confirm is it one+3 and One +3 T Screen same can this be swapped.

udaya kumar - Reply

Yeah I've done one of these and am literally about to do the 2nd one. Easy as you like :D

Be sure to purchase the LCD with frame as it's much quicker.

drunkenmenace - Reply


May I kindly ask, both oneplus 3 and oneplus 3T are the same screen? I'm about to buy a screen with frame and digitizer, and all sellers name their products "oneplus 3/3T LCD screen".

Noémi Dupertuis -

It is sure that Oneplus 3 lcd screen is compatible with Oneplus 3T.

Witrigs -

if the touch still works and it is only the screen to be cracked is there another procedure to follow? Do I need to replace the whole LCD?

Paolo Di Lorenzo - Reply

Yes, because it is really difficult to replace front glass screen only, I prefer you take the whole screen with lcd + front glass+ middle frame.

Witrigs -

If you buy as said an lcd with frame assembly

(i'm about to buy this one ) does this affect the dificulty? I've never done this. nor do i have the exect tools like ifix it sets but my screen will come with a prying tool screwdrivers a suction cup and triangular thingies. I really want to do this ass it casts more as double the price to let someone fix it

for you. If you have any info please comment back @drunkenmenace

Ernest Lenaerts - Reply

I have bought the LCD with Frame assembly do I install the two capacitive buttons from the original damaged phone into it?

carlos - Reply

I guess you don't. The buttons should already be there...if the display is mounted to the frame.

Otherwise you see the button assembly at time 6:28 (

pesch -

We followed the steps, but our touchscreen is not working properly...for example: if i want to press "h" i get the "d" or "f"'s like the touches are a way to much into the left...?? Can anyone help me with this issue? I don't know what we've done wrong?

magda - Reply

i have the same problem did anyone knows why? also my volume button aren't working

Ignacio Rodriguez -

I did this repair on my phone, but is cracked the screen on the last step... first pop in the top of the phone and than the bottom into the aluminum back!!! And when doing the teardown remove the sim tray first!

Marcell Harmaci - Reply

I made this mistake as well, everything else worked fine though.

Gabriel LaMore -

In my 1 plus 3 phone right side of the screen there is pink blue spot size 1cm width and 2 cm length, screen is working properly. The colour spot size is increasing. Now what I have to do plz suggest

Naseeruddin Md - Reply

Plz suggest what I have to do

Naseeruddin Md - Reply

So this worked for me! the witrigs frame stickers are a pain to work with though! If I was to do this again I would probably just get some of the right glue and do it that way.

To anyone else trying this, the idea of the stickers is that you peal away the top layer of paper, stick it down to the frame and then peel off the blue part so you have adhesive both sides. Super finnicky though.

Adam Price - Reply

anybody have any idea about the price or the one plus 3T glass


What is the manufacturer and the model of the digitizer of OP3?

Davide Grasso - Reply

It's this replacement Amoled or the aftermarket crappy screen ?

Yusme Pradera - Reply

Be careful during this replacement, because it’s easy to break the earpiece speaker when moving it from the broken screen to the new piece.

Benjamin Hollway - Reply

the touch still works and it is only the LCD cracked is there another procedure to follow? Do I need to replace the whole LCD? And Rainbow pattern or color-blocks shows on some areas of LCD screen..

Airyn Ayryn - Reply

So, I have done it and everything seemed to be fine until I switched off the screen. Although the hardware buttons work, the screen is totally unresponsive. I men the screen works during start up and the entire phone works fine, but when the screen goes black it won't respond.

The only thing I did wrong: I put in the cable that was labeled “sub” and “main” in the wrong way. Could that be the problem? Anyone an idea what I can do?

lordchristoph - Reply

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