Follow this guide to remove the midframe of the Droid Turbo 2.

Power off your phone before you begin working.
  • Power off your phone before you begin working.

  • Pop out the SIM card with pointed tweezers or a SIM card eject tool by gently pushing inwards until the tray pops out.

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Use an iOpener, heat gun, or hair dryer to heat the back side of the phone in order to soften the adhesive securing the back panel.
  • Use an iOpener, heat gun, or hair dryer to heat the back side of the phone in order to soften the adhesive securing the back panel.

  • Slide an opening pick or other slim pry tool around the perimeter of the back cover to separate it.

Use a heat gun to loosen adhesive prior top using spudger

chris.reinert - Reply

  • Use the spudger to gently remove the two plastic covers.

The two plastic covers do not fit snugly in place, so after putting them back in place, use small bits of electrical tape to secure them before installing a new adhesive back cover. I tested my phone thoroughly before the last step, so that I would not have to buy a new cover if something didn't work.

Bill Koonce - Reply

  • Under the two plastic covers will be two connectors.

  • Use a plastic opening tool to pry up the two connectors. These do not completely come off.

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  • Remove the following screws securing the midframe:

    • Thirteen 4.0 mm Torx T4 (black)

    • Four 3.0 mm Torx T4 (silver)

  • Driver bit sizes are not always 100% consistent from one kit to the next. If a T4 doesn't work for you, try a T3.

My phone (purchased 12/2015) has only 2 silver screws top and bottom (4 total), and they're also T3, not Philips.

With a Torx screw this tiny, it pays to take time to make sure that the driver is well seated before turning it. This will eliminate stripped screws. Also, I loosened each screw first, and then removed them. Breaking them free before turning them also helps prevent stripping.

Bill Koonce - Reply

Also need to add to the tool list: PH00 and PH000. These should be in the iFixit tool kit.

Dan - Reply

eitherway its a T4 torx in my phone. Double checked my bit. T-4 same for all these screws

Raymond Lewis - Reply

T4 in mine as well. Stripped out a T3 bit figuring this out.

Shane Kennington -

They were all T3’s in the one I am repairing. Must be different depending on where it is manufactured.

James Blaine - Reply

  • Remove the midframe from the phone.

  • The volume and power buttons are likely to fall out of the device when removing the back cover. This is normal.

I'm assuming the reverse of the buttons falling out is just to put them back in. The question I have, however, is... Are they reversible, or is there only one orientation in which each of these buttons fits back in?

pj.catania - Reply

The buttons will NOT "fall in" when reassembling, so it's important to remember to put them back. I found that putting them in the frame before replacing it is the only way. Check to see how they fit on the phone first, then drop them into their slots outside-in. The power button will fit only one way; the volume buttons should go in oriented as they fit best on the phone. Be sure to test them to make sure they click freely often! It's easier to readjust them before all those screws are back in.

Bill Koonce - Reply

Going to make a small etch on the very bottom (as the phone is held portrait) of each button before beginning the project. A fine tip Sharpie might also work for some people.

Dan - Reply

I have not done this yet but, try using a small bit of electrical tape to secure them to the mid-frame before removal

jerryj26 - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Other than the comments I left above, I felt this was a nice simple-to-follow guide that gives me confidence to try this myself.

If you fix the items listed above, it will be perfect.


pj.catania - Reply

Good post and the extra comments help.

Jane Doe - Reply

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