If the display of your Huawei P9 Plus is cracked or broken use this guide to remove and replace it.

To protect your eyes from glass shreds and get a better grip to open the phone you might want to apply some tape onto the screen.

  1. First switch off your phone.
    • First switch off your phone.

    • Remove the SD and SIM card tray.

  2. Remove the two P2 Pentalobe screws on either side of the USB C port.
    • Remove the two P2 Pentalobe screws on either side of the USB C port.

    • Use an iSclack or a suction handle to separate the display unit from the rear case.

    • Do not fully separate the pieces as they are still connected by the fingerprint sensor cable.

    • After separating the rear case flip the other half open to get to the flex connectors.

    • With a spudger unplug the flex connector of the fingerprint sensor and the one of the side buttons.

    • Remove the rear case.

    • Remove the sticker that sits on top of the left screw above the battery.

    • Remove the three Phillips #00 screws that hold the metal plates in place.

    • Both metal plates have little hooks. Use a tweezer to free them and unhinge the plates by carefully moving them upwards.

    • Use a spudger to unplug the screen flex cable.

    • Unplug the motherboard flex cable and the battery flex cable afterwards.

    • The adhesive strips at the top of the battery are less likely to rip if you pull them horizontally in a straight line and not upwards or in any other direction.

    • Use a set of tweezers to unfold the black tab enough to grab with your fingers.

    • Pull the first adhesive strip in a slow and constant movement.

      • Jerking or slackening your grip can cause the adhesive to bunch up and rip.

    • Loosen the end of the other adhesive strip with a tweezer and pull it out. If needed use the iOpener again to soften the glue a little.

    • Use a spudger to slide under the battery.

      • If you managed to pull out the adhesive strips you can easily lift out the battery. Otherwise use the iOpener once more to soften any adhesive leftovers. There are no cables under the battery that can be harmed.

    • Remove the battery.

    • When reassembling your phone replace old adhesive with double-sided tape or pre-cut adhesive strips.

    • Use a tweezer to remove the sticker that sits on top of the screw next to the antenna cable.

    • Unplug the antenna cable and release it from the bracket on the metal plate covering the main flex cable.

    • Remove the four Phillips #00 screws.

    • The plate, which is covering the motherboard flex cable, has little hooks on each side. Use a tweezer to free them and unhinge the plate by carefully moving it upwards.

    • Use a spudger to unplug the motherboard flex cable and remove it.

    • Unplug the flex connector of the loudspeaker.

    • Use a spudger to unplug the flex connector of the headphone jack.

    • Remove the headphone jack.

    • Be careful with the contacts inside and in the bottom area of the headphone jack. They can be damaged easily.

    • Use a spudger to lift out the daughter board.

    • Lift the loudspeaker out of the mid frame. There is some adhesive underneath, so it can be a little bit sticky.

    • Use an iOpener to loosen the adhesive under the display of your phone. It is mainly placed around the edge of the display.

    • After you have heated the sides, concentrate on the bottom part.

      • The adhesive is very sticky. Take your time to heat it up properly.

    • Insert an opening pick between the mid frame and the display.

    • Slide along the bottom to loosen the adhesive.

    • If the adhesive was heated properly you can separate the display from the mid frame by turning the opening pick sideways.

    • If you can't separate the display easily, re-heat the iOpener and repeat the procedure. You may also want to use an Halberd spudger to carefully slide around the whole display frame to loosen the adhesive a little bit more.

    • Carefully lift the display away from the mid frame and gently pulling the display connector through the hole in the midframe.

    • Remove the display.

    • When reassembling apply new adhesive where necessary after removing any old residue.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order and apply new adhesive where necessary.

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