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The Neato Botvac 80 is a high performance robotic vacuum that excels in picking up pet hair, released in 2014. The model is identified by the D-shape, white top and gray bottom, as well as a purple casing for the laser guidance system. This model also includes an LED screen next to the laser, as well as, power and home buttons on the bottom.

This model was specifically designed to help pick up pet hair more efficiently than previous models. This robot boasts a combo brush that is 50% larger, an extra large filter, laser mapping system, and a larger dirt bin. This model was also designed to be quieter, especially on hard floors. The Neato Botvac 80 maps the room using lasers and proceeds to clean it methodically before moving on to the next room. It will also return to the charging dock when low on power and automatically pick up where it left off after charging.

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