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The HTC Vive controller is a first generation accessory to the Virtual Reality headset by HTC, released on April 5th of 2016. The HTC Vive controller can be identified by the name “Vive” on the front of the device written in matte grey as well as its model number 2PR7100 inscribed on the bottom of the handle in matte black.

The HTC Virtual set includes the Vive Headset, base stations, and Vive controllers. There are no other editions of the Vive controller as it is part of the first virtual reality set released by HTC. The HTC Vive controller displays a solid black matte finish on the saucer, buttons, and upper half of its handle, and the bottom half of the handle is a textured grey.

Each Vive controller has 360-degree tracking while paired with the headset, directional audio, HD haptic feedback, and realistic motion in the virtual world during gameplay. Each controller has a multi-use trackpad, grip buttons, trigger, menu, and system button. The battery on the Vive controller can last up to 6 hours when fully charged and features a universal micro-USB charging port.

Here's an X-ray view of the Vive controller's internals, courtesy of Creative Electron.

Block Image

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