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If your device is not properly functioning, reference the CASIO CDP-230R Troubleshooting page.

The CASIO CDP-230R was initially released in 2013. It is an international model that cannot be found in stores within the US. This model comes in two colors, black and silver, and may come with a stand. The CASIO CDP-230R also features an SD card port that can be used to import songs, as well as an external USB port that connects the keyboard to a computer or other devices that have general MIDI support.

The keyboard has 88 keys and can be identified by two oval (12cm/6cm) speakers found in the top right and left corners. The keyboard’s other defining features are the backlit LCD, which displays various information during keyboard play, and the preset scale, which is used to adjust the scale of the keyboard to fit different types of music. The dimensions (W x D x H) of the CASIO CDP-230R are 1,322 x 286 x 129 mm, with the optional stand it is 1,322 x 373.2 x 753.3 mm.

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