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Second Life Systems, LLC

Computer and mobile device repair, service, and accessories.


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Guide Image

Samsung Galaxy Light Digitizer Replacement

This guide shows how to disassemble the device...

Guide Image

HTC One M9 Motherboard Replacement

Is your HTC One M9 device not booting up or is ...

Guide Image

Nintendo Entertainment System Game Cartridge Tray Replacement

If you are having issues with ejecting your...

Guide Image

iPod Touch 6th Generation Display Assembly Replacement

Cracked your screen? Use this guide to replace...

Guide Image

Swiffer SweeperVac Battery Replacement (PG3000)

This guide will show you where to unscrew, how...

Guide Image

Samsung Galaxy Light Motherboard Replacement

Replace the motherboard on your Samsung Galaxy...

Guide Image

iPod Touch 5th Generation LCD Shield Plate Replacement

Use this guide to remove the metal shield plate...