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We specialize in Cell/"Smart" Phone/Mobile Devices, Server, Desktop, Notebook/Laptop & Tablet PC configuration and repair services, as well as installation


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Did you break the display on your mobile phone or tablet? I can fix it for a fraction of what a retail store will charge you! - Over 15 years experience in PC/MAC repair and customized configuration/ building, as well as phone/tablet repairs. - Does your office need support? Give us a call, and we'll be there right away to fix your issue. We currently support major doctor offices in the Central NJ area - Bring your machine/device to me, or I'll come to you! - Is your machine running too slow? I'll make it faster without having you spend a fortune. - Run of space? I can install a new drive, and have you keep all your existing data intact. - Lost valuable data? I can recover it fast! Many software repairs and installations can be done remotely: you won't even have to leave the house - just call me!.