iPhone 4

Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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I Separated the LCD from the digitizer!

I Finally did it after experimenting for months with broken screen assemblies that i had from repairing many iphones. The LCD still works and is not cracked or damaged the only thing i still gotta critique is how to not get small scratches all over the lcd. Heres a picture to prove it!

Block Image

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did you use a heat gun?

by James Stoy

heat gun, spatula and whole lotta skill ;)

by Krayzee

So both Jared and Krayzee got it done? Great job..:-)

by oldturkey03

Why would there be scratches on LCD? There is adhesive glue between the Digitizer and LCD protecting the LCD.

by Brad

Have you done it as well Krayzee?

by Jared

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Yeah I did, pretty hard but got it done

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make a guide of how you did it, that'd be helpful. Plenty of people crack screens and want to save money only replacing that part.

by pollytintop

i wouldn't recommend it like, if you're doing a repair, i only done it because i was bored at work, for a repair just get the full unit and replace, to separate the lcd from the touch, i heated, dab of alcohol, heated again dab of alcohol and kept on going until i felt was safe enough to risk take and once i was entirely sure where to lift and how to, there it is

by Krayzee

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Don't waste time on iphone glass only repairs cost savings is only a few bucks. on galaxy phones have at it. Explain to your customer the glass only repair is a small gamble to save allot of money. But that you will not say that you can do it with 100% certainty and that they may have to go with the full lcd in the end. Do not lie to them tell them how many repairs you did this way and how many of those required the lcd in the end. The customer will always take the risk and accept the potential for full assembly replacement 99% of the time any how. Truth is and i do not care how many repair techs say other wise no one can do glass only repairs with zero failures. To many variables in how good the glue job is under the lcd. A void under the lcd in the wrong place will result in a busted lcd with no fault on the part of the tech. I had a s4 going smooth as silk got half way done and lcd broke about 3/4 the way down do to a void in the glue behind the lcd. Yeh the customer was upset but understood that there was no way to predict this or prevent it. Had a s3 fail removing the very last shard of glass that it seems held the lcd together or the ribbon or something regardless the phones lcd died. I do these repairs with the phone turned on and fully assembled.

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Wow....I appreciate what you wrote , I did a lot of repairs and my only failure was trying to remove glass only for S3 and Samsung galaxy nexus i9250 , the fact I failed twice made me so depressed (I hate failing) but with what you wrote I have a better morality , thank you

by Bassel

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Come on guys! it takes few minutes doing this! I say maybe about 10 minutes less or more ....

initially I only taking the LCD part and put a new digitizer on top, but after a while I noticed most of time only the glass part on top of the digitizer layer works and in fact the glass on top is not a part of electronic parts and with a little bit of trick only taking the broken glass on top. glass layer on top is sit on the digitizer pad for better protection and reducing cost of production for digitizer.

Digitizer part is a kind of conductive film which is a bit softer than glass and most of time not broken. the film is a kind of Mika, same as the clear film that used to cover the old kerosine heater. they are very resistance to heat also flexible as well. so when digitizer works and only the glass gone you should take the glass part only, then a $2 glass that sold as protection for LCD on top of the digitizer that even is most cost effective.

you can find the glass only cheaper too ... anyway wasn't sure if this post is real and true or maybe very old and not updated! lol

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seriously doubt you do these in 10 minutes. it is not possible. i have done 100s of them and still it takes me a good hour start to finish. half of that is taking off the old part is clean up and rest is putting the new glass on.

i tell my customers 3 hours once part is in hand. it is normally way more than enough time. but i could have to pull the new glass off do to touch response or the bubble in the middle issue caused by the glass touching the digitizer this is fixed with one more layer of double side along the sides. If touch response is not where it should be then i pull the tape back off and go one layer less. I always start with 2 layers sides 1 top and bottom. If bubble one more layer added to existing if no touch or low touch response remove tape on the sides go with 1x layer of 2mm scotch brand double side tape.

by Nova Flare

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i have been reparing cellphones for over a year and i made few videos with a lot details about how to separate LCD from the broken gorilla glass. Also i made a video explaning all the theory behind it and after that all the practices so you can see how it is made. I hope it help you all guys.

Theory of how to fix gorilla glass at any samsung galaxy


how to repair galaxy s4 screen glass replacement (gorilla glass)


how to remove gorilla glass from LCD on galaxy S3


how to change display from a galaxy s4 (complete frame LCD



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It is very easy take of the back of the phone take battery out of the phone. Begin unscrewing the logic board of the phone. Unscrew LCD take off LCD and get a heat gone gun, or a hair blow dryer. Place heat gun over screen, and insure that the heat gun didn't travel pass 95°F if in case of mistake of an over pass of temp you will possibly damage your LCD. After heating the LCD UV glue you would be able to stick a pick or blade through the LCD and digitizer. REHEATING may take place I sincerely am !!WARNING YOU TO TAKE YOUR TIME TO PREVENT POSSIBLE DAMAGE TO THE LCD!! After your done put new screen on and reassemble phone the way taken apart. YOU MAY NOW SAY YOUR FINISHED.

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