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Model A1288 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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iPod in Water please help :((


I have 16 GB iPod Touch

This fell within the water and then of LCD was black and I was not of

I put into rice bags and I put on the radiator

What should I do?

It is healthy or has been eliminated?

I need help.

Thanks, that help you

Sorry that I'm not speak good English


About 2 hours ago I went to my bathroom forget the iPod touch to bathroom outside. When I saw on the LCD it was steam. I wanted to off but the LCD was off a passion.

I came out there and you ...

Now, a little white around the LCD has low

But I do not know is on or off

I work with several people I talked repair. They said it to show it to us to see the problem say it to you.

I do this work?

Or wait until I complete the dry (inside it)??

Update 2:

iPod touch after drying, I switch it on. LCD healthy, but half the page will not work (Touch).

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Water and Moisture will attack all contacts. Keep it in rice for 2 days at least. Do not check on it, do not try to power it on. Water and Moisture will react with the electric current, that is bad. For the cost of shipping, many repair shops will give you a diagnostic for free, others may charge $25. Hard to give advice until the diagnostic is completed.

I feel bad for you, my daughter dropped hers in water too. She didn't admit to it until the next day. This was after she tried to run it, I tried it too, then she mentioned the water. I got the bowl of rice and it sits there now. Now I am looking for repair parts for what I expect to be a LCD replacement, if I am lucky, ugh.


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How long ago was this? You probably want to leave it in the rice for at least 4 days, if not longer.


Okay, it sounds like everything is okay except for the digitizer. Hopefully, the digitizer is what has died and not the place on the motherboard. You'll need to buy a new digitizer, which you could purchase from iFixit. If you know what you're looking for, you could probably get it for cheaper off eBay, but the safe bet would be ordering from here.

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fell into water? Oh my, the first thing water intacts is the LCD, which can become black and unresponsive, after the LCD there is the main board, some contacts could damage the chip.

But I still can't understand what are you writing, which is your native language?

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My native language is Persian


Unfortunately I don't believe anyone speaks that on these forums, we'll have to continue like this, don't worry- your english is pretty good.


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Humm...big trouble.

You can put it in a dry place for few days. If it still not work after that, maybe you have to seek for some help.


Hope the chips and the screen still OK. Better let the service guy to have check. Cuz my blackberry quit service after a perfect shower...

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That sounds like the LCD died.

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The only way to survive water drop is normally a unit that was off when dropped and completely dried before powering up. Problem comes in due to most units being on and under power when dropped.

The first thing you should do after recovering from moisture is to power it off. Then you have to either send out for repair which you can do by packing it in rice or use some of those silica bags you get with a lot of electronics now a days and send out for repair without powering up.

Or you need to completely open the unit up and place the pieces out on a piece of paper towel or paper or any non conductive surface - cardboard works well. Then using a hairdryer or something that blows "warm" air not a paint stripper - blow it dry or just enough to warm it up a few times till you can see no more evidence of moisture. Then reassemble and try it out.

Electronics and water just really do not mix. It is luck which usually determines the final fate and main boards can suffer various damage issues when in contact with water - some which are really obvious and others that become a nuisance.

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I does work! The IPod that is. My daughter put her IPod in her hand bag with a bottle of drinking water. Needless to say the cap was not secured on tight and you can guess what happen? When I tried powering up the iPod: total unstablility! The iPod did everything but function correctly. So I remember reading An article about electronics and dropping them into water and placing them into rice because rice absorbs water. I gave it a try but with my age I forgot it was in a can of rice for almost two years. Which was probably a good thing except if your young and impatient and in need of your music now! Needless to say after two years of sitting in rice the iPod booted fine with no problems after a good charge. Oh yes I might add I did get my daughter a cheaper mp-3 to use in the mean time just to teach her a lesson:)

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