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  • Answer to: HDD replacement in iMac G5 model A1173

    Yep, here's the manual for the 17" model, A1058 Clicky! If you don't have this model, the hard drive in this unit is still very easy to repair.
  • Answer to: Touch screen won't work.

    Make sure ribbon #2 is plugged in the whole way. It could be it didn't snap in fully.
  • Answer to: Replaced battery, getting "device not compatible message," help?

    Hmm... I've heard of this before. It could actually be that it is unrelated to your battery problem. Has the phone ever been water damaged? A buddy of mine had this problem after his old phone got dropped in a puddle. It could also be that when you replaced the battery, you accidentally shorted something somewhere. Are all the screws back in their places?
  • Answer to: iMac doesnt turn on anymore

    The iMac G5 had some pretty major problems with bad capacitors. If you open up your iMac, look for little black cylinders on the board. Do any of them look like the ones in this picture? If there are any that are bulging out, that could be your problem. If you don't see any bulging caps, it could be that your power supply has blown, due to similar bad capacitors. You could look at replacing the power supply, but that can get expensive, and it comes with the risk of the new supply dying as well, due to the same problem. If you are really, really good with a soldering iron, you may be able to replace the capacitors yourself. Be advised that this is definitely an advanced project. Here's a good website for getting an overview of what you'd be getting yourself into: http://jimwarholic.com/2008/07/how-to-repair-apple-imac-g5.php I hope that helps!
  • Answer to: Hold slider no longer working

    As Sarah suggested, it could be that the actual switch is broken. If you pop the back off, can you see a little black switch near the top right corner (top right when the iPod is laying on its face)? If so, is it broken? It could be that the little hold switch toggle itself got a bit bent out of shape; I've had that happen a couple times too. Just try to bend the pins VERY CAREFULLY back into place.
  • Answer to: My display backlight stopped working, what all controls it and how do

    Yeah, connector #1 is pretty funny. I find it helps line up the screen with the phone's internal frame before I plug it in. Also, it could be that the LCD itself died. It's pretty rare that the images show up without the backlight.
  • Answer to: iPhone 3GS parts that are interchangeable with iPhone 3G?

    The home button is interchangeable as far as I know, and the vibration motor should be compatible as well.
  • Answer to: Fix iPhone error message?

    That's a pretty typical problem that arises from water damage. It could be that the dock connector is fried and the rest of the phone is fine; but it could also be that the entire piece is on the fritz. Water damage is tricky to fix. I'd start with taking a look at the dock connector though.
  • Answer to: My phone shuts off on its own when not on a charger.

    Yep, the battery is probably bad. Has the phone ever had any kind of water damage? If not, take it to the Apple Store; they should be able to replace it for free, as it will be under warranty still.
  • Answer to: How to take apart nano 4th and replace battery

    Try following the guide that's been around for 2 years. :P