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Putting an a1150 hard drive into an a1226

My a1150 recently broke, the logic board went bad and luckily my aunt was getting ready to get rid of her a1226 so she gave it to me. I'm wondering if it's safe for me to just take the hard drive out of my a1150 and put it into the a1226. I don't have much time to go through several different methods and I don't have much money to pay an expert to do it.

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Brians answer is fine and thoughtful but all you need to do is install the old hard drive in the newer machine. It should work just fine. It's a Mac not a PC, here's how: MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260 Hard Drive Replacement

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+ Today I pulled a hard drive out of a known good 2.4 C2D and put it in a Core Duo I just got from eBay. The operating system on the hard drive is 10.6.8. I didn't have any problems with the system booting and running stable. Those 2 machines I did that on have different processor architecture and different chip sets.


+thats good info, im surprised it worked without things like kernel panic etc, or for certain apps.... I had assumed since the OP had one machine with an ATI graphics card and one with a nvidia graphics card it would not work, at least not without some work. ( this was my concern for swapping out the hard drives and with some experience having to work around this issue on Linux based machines assumed it was the same for OSX ..... glad it was set strait, save some people some work ).


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not sure if you want to just transplant your old drive in the new machine to run all your programs etc....this would not work since the hardware is different, graphics card etc.. or if you want to use a larger better hard drive you had installed in your old non working computer to the new one?.........(the a1226 should have a larger hard drive)

you can install your old computers drive, it isn't esp difficult to install but you will need a spuger to safely remove the hard drive ribbon cable that will have a glue kind of stuff and pop the tabs to lift the top case off..... a guide for hard drive install for both laptop models is here on ifixit showing the tools needed...... having some paper cups to put different screws in helps me keep organized.

You can export preferences from various programs and your files to the newer computer by mounting the a1150 old drive in a external enclosure. (external 2.5inch USB enclosures can be found on ebay for about $5.00).

and a small external is nice to have.

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OK thanks. I did go with the external enclosure and it worked so thanks. The fan on the a1226 is really loud. Would I come across any problems if I took the right fan out of the a1150 and put it in the a1226?


Not sure i have compared the two fans side by side, the power connectors should be different both 4 pins thou, The easiest thing to do with limited space inside a laptop and any tiny difference in the size of the newer models fan would be to order the correct one or find a used one on eBay........ for an item such as this which is fairly inexpensive not sure if it would be worth time/effort to modify the older fan to work..... unless its "exactly" the same then it should work fine...... it's just the right side fan? ...... glad the first problem has been solved..... if it's been sorted out go ahead and mark the question answered so it's closed out/marked as answered/solved.


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