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Repair guides and disassembly information for the MacBook Pro 16'' released in November of 2019. Model A2141, EMC 3347.

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Overheating problem (upto: 212F) (according to TG Pro)

Device: Macbook pro 16" 2019
Ram: 16 gb
Storage: 512 gb

Hi, Hope you are all well by the grace of Almighty ALLAH. I'm from south Asia. It's been a few months, I'm facing overheating issue on this device. I've been using this mac since October 2020. Please help me, with how to fix the overheating issue.
Thanks in advance.

***** UPDATED***
(26-09-2022 IG Pro)

Block Image

(25-09-2022 CleanMyMacX)

Block Image

Answer this question I have this problem too

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I would get rid of CleanMyMacX as its spyware/malware!

Over the years they have been caught over and over again as being doing things that are a bit slippery. Apple shouldn't have allowed them back into the App Store. Sadly, Apple doesn't follow up checking the Update's so while the app posted maybe clean followup updates will bite you!

I would use TG Pro to monitor your systems temps as they have a good history and make an effort to fix things when a bug is found and update the app for the latest systems when needed.


@arifz - You edits to your question, does raise your issue to one that needs deeper investigation! I strongly recommend you install TG Pro as it will offer a deeper view on what's happening, Please post a snapshot of the main screens sensors so we can see as well.


@danj Please see the latest screenshot. Thanks.


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I think what you’re seeing is a bug with clean my mac X rather than your machine!(if it’s telling you directly that’s it’s over heating)

It’s reporting 129F and that isn’t anywhere near what I would call overheating as it isn’t talking about the whole machine ,it’s talking about the cpu specifically (the cpu naturally runs at warm/hot temperatures)if it was at a temperature around 194F consistently I would say that’s overheating

But if you wanted to address the issue regardless of it’s a problem with clean my mac X you could use this video guide linked below to clean out the fans and put some new thermal paste on the cpu and gpu

Before you open it I would consider if it’s worth it was it’s still a fairly new device so it might not need the new thermal paste just yet

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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100℃ equals 212℉ which is the kill zone of your logic board.

To put this into perspective the 129℉ equals to 53.9℃ so while its warm it's not in the kill zone.

You really need to get a better app to monitor your systems temps and help you push the fans a bit more when its getting too warm.

Even still over time your system will get choked up with dust and will need a good clean.


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Not good ;-{ Your heatsink has failed!

The CPU temps are quite high and yet the Airflow temps are quite low! So the heat is not moving within the heatsink.

Also what are you running at this time point?

I prefer the apps full screen mode as I can see the high water marks and can see the fans RPM's. Even still it's clear here.

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Honestly, the temps in this model were less than stellar to begin with, especially depending on which CPU you had, but this is definitely warmer than expected.

First thing I would do is just open the machine up and have a look. Check and make sure everything on the internals looks clean and dust free. Clean it up if not. I have seen Macs where the output of the fan is just clogged with dust and debris, effectively choking off the CPU by not allowing any of the hot air to escape, even if fresh air can come in.

But I agree, this could also be an issue with the Heatsink. It’s pretty unusual for those to fail, but its certainly not out of the realm of possibility and could account for much lower GPU temps if the failure is on the CPU side. It could also be a failure of the fan on that side.

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