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RAM not recognized anymore?

I upgraded my wifes Late 2009 Macbook from 2GB to 8GB (PNY brand) about 4 months ago.

It worked immediately and recognized all 8GB even though it is only supposed to support a max of 4GB.

It has been working perfectly, across restarts and reboots no problems until now.

She dropped the laptop and it landed upside down flat on the floor screen side down.

All it does now when you try and power it up is BEEP ONCE.

This is the NO RAM code.

I put one of the 1GB sticks that came out of it back in it.

It boots up and works fine, slow as christmas and swaps constantly but it boots up and works.

I tried reseting the PRAM and the SMC, but it still won't recognized either of the 4GB sticks in either slot. I tried both together and each separately.

Any ideas on how I can get this Macbook to work with this RAM again?

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It sounds like you have tried everything but different 4GB RAM chips. The PNY's have a life time warranty. I'd contact them for a RMA. At this point you have nothing to lose.

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Agreed-that sounds like the best solution. + According to Mactracker your computer should work with 8GB of ram.


Agreed. Good news that the machine still works with the old RAM. Sounds like the RAM sticks were damaged in the fall. +


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I would try putting your old ram back in to MB and see if it work that way, if it does then your new ram is most likely toasted and TIME TO BUY A NEW SET THEN.


Simple Answer: Old 8GB ram bad, New 8GB ram good. Get a new set(will fix your problem), I don't think the warranty covers fried ram, sorry.

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as I stated in my post the old RAM works, and it isn't a MBP it is a Macbook, and no more RAM will make it faster than the HD, the 8GB was much much faster than even a Momentus XT would have made it with the stock 2GB.

I want to know how to get it to recognized the new 4GB sticks again?


What would you say PNY's life time warranty on their RAM covers if it isn't bad/fried sticks? Obviously the laptop did not fall hard enough to damage it. Obviously laptops are portable and they do get banged around some. Clearly when designing ram for a laptop the manufacturer needs to take that and all operating environment variables into account and design/build their product accordingly. If they do not it is a manufacture's defect.


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