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The Marshall Kilburn Bluetooth speaker is a compact, portable stereo speaker. This speaker comes with a built in Class D amplifier with quality sound range for its size. Bluetooth connectivity also allows for quick connections to bluetooth capable devices.

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Volume is too Low - Used to be much better

I own a Marshall Kilburn unit and I used to love it. Well, unfortunately the volume output for the unit is too low now. I have no idea what happened, it does not matter if I use it with bluetooth or line in, it is all low. I also tried with and without the battery, same thing. Well, I hope I can get it to work somehow. Any ideas?

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@luciofilho…cant really find anything on this unit. can you upload some pics of your board? model number? it sounds like it will be some sort of pre amp or audio driver not getting what it needs…do you have a multimeter to test voltages? post that board so we can get a good look and start from there.


I sent the unit to a local guy to take a look. He is experience with general audio gear however he could not think of a problem with this. My first thought was some sort of preamp or the knob itself. Here is pictures from the board from another person, it looks like mine: Kilburn no sound from speaker .


ok..... i dont think it would be the potentiometer....if it was it would be crackling cutting in and out audio when value was changed. while you do have audio, its not being boosted properly, so im thinking pre amp circuit vs the main audio ic. no schematic so i cant tell if its all in one or not. i need pictures of your board in order to see if i can spot something out of the way other than taking voltages. however, i will use his pictures for now and try and put a schematic of sorts together to help. post those pics when you get a chance. visual inspection is always important when troubleshooting.


one more thing...lets go over some basics before diving into this too deep... have you tried both bluetooth and 3.5 mm jack? have you tried different media sources (different phones, media players)? have you verified that you input device to your speaker is turned up in volume and not just the speaker? have you tried to enable/ disable any type of augment setting to see if the audio comes back strong? (ie...clearvoice, bass boost, etc.)


ok, thanks a bunch for helping. Let me give you some info:

1) The unit it currently with this guy I told you about, but I did take the unit apart and the board is very similar;

2) I did some research and it looks like this is the chip schematics: I do understand some of it, but I am not completely literate. Page 26 is shows a 2.1 scheme. 2 tweeters and a main speaker.

3) I agree, I do not think the problem is with the potentiometer. It does not crack at all. I used to used with the knob on max volume all the time, while controling the volume with the computer settings.

4) The guy tested all the voltages and it all seemed to be fine. He did test the speakers with an outside source and it was fine too.

5) Both bluetooth and 3.5 jack had the same problem. I did use different sources, such as a cell phone and a dvd player (max volume). Also played with bass and treble knobs Same result.


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Mike (Marshall Headphones)

Mar 27, 10:33 PDT


Thank you for contacting us. My name is Mike and I am happy to help you with this, sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with your speaker.

I am afraid that we are not able to supply internal components or schematics, due to contractual agreements with our service centers.

If you are experiencing an issue with Bluetooth playback or audio volume on any inputs (including AUX), the issue may be resolved by refreshing your Bluetooth pairing.

Please attempt the following to create a fresh Bluetooth pairing between your Marshall speaker and your audio source device. It's best if you are able to perform this task on all previously paired Bluetooth devices. This process is known to solve audio sound issues that occur on all inputs.

1.    Turn off the Marshall speaker

2.    Open the Bluetooth menu on the device you are broadcasting the music from (source device)

3.    "Forget", "Delete" or "Remove" the Marshall speaker from the Bluetooth menu of the source device

4.    Restart the source device (reboot or turn off and turn back on)

5.    Open the Bluetooth menu on the source device

6.    Turn on the Marshall speaker

7.    Press the "PAIR" button on the Marshall speaker

8.    Complete the pairing of the Marshall speaker on the Bluetooth menu of the audio source device, according to it's user instructions

9.    Test audio playback



iPhone Low Volume:

If you are experiencing a low volume issue with an iPhone, please attempt the following:

It is possible that the low volume issue is a result of the max-volume cap, please follow these steps to try and remove the cap:

Remove the max-volume cap

1.    Open Settings

2.    Scroll down and tap on Music

3.    Check the label “Volume Limit” .. it should be OFF. If not, tap on it it.

4.    Swipe the slider to the right so that the volume is full. When you set the slider completely to the right, it means there’s no volume limit set.

5.    Go back (tap on the < arrow from top) and check if the label for Volume Limit is OFF.

6.    Quit and reopen the music app to see if the volume problem is gone.



Mac Low Volume:

If you have a Mac computer, please try the following steps:

1.    Make sure OS X (or your computer's software) is updated to the latest version

2.    Type in “Audio Midi Setup” in Spotlight and increase the volume of the bluetooth device

3.    It may be necessary to debug the Bluetooth in the Mac. To do this: Hold down the Shift and Option (Alt) keys while clicking on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar. This will bring up a Debug choice on the drop-down menu.

4.    Select "reset the Bluetooth Module"

If troubleshooting doesn't resolve the issue, please let me know and we will discuss how to proceed next.

Best regards,


Marshall Headphones Support

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Thanks for your answer, I received an email from you too. This did not resolve the issue unfortunately. I really do not have an idea on how to fix this.


Do you have their email address. My volume is low with the aux jack lead and none existent with the Bluetooth now. No crackles


Thank you! I think the iPhone system upgrades are the root cause. Forgetting the device and then reconnecting did the trick.


Thank you very much for your guidance. Our speaker was no longer making much sound but we followed your Instructions and now it's working perfectly again. I have one very happy hubby!


Your answer worked for my speaker! Thank you!


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