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Second generation of iPhone. Model A1241 / 8 or 16 GB capacity / black or white plastic back. Repair is more straightforward than the first iPhone. requires screwdrivers, prying, and suction tools.

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Cannot go into landscape mode - faulty accelerometer?

Hi all

I have a rare problem on my new iPhone 3G 8GB Black model, it cannot go in landscape mode even it is tilted the right way (I have another one to compare ;), in Need For Speed Shift it is turned all the way right all the time, like the sensor is stuck all the way on the right side. It cannot swith in landscape in any application. Strange thing is that when you type something and you shake it to Undo, it DOES pop out the Undo option! How the !&&* is that possible, isn't the accelerometer doing the Undo option too?

It is 3.1.2 FW, latest BB, I tried several Restore option to no avail. Tried hard reset also (keep pressing both Home and Power buttons), nothing, still the same.

My question is, can it be fixed anyway?

It is the new one, I unboxed it personally. I don't have a warranty :(

Thanks in advance

Alf, Serbia

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I got lucky! I left iPhone in the box in sleep mode and it recalibrated acceleometer and it is working now!

So solution for this is:

leave iPhone on flat desk for a night and the chip will recalibrate itself, if the chip is not faulty ofcourse.

Hope this helps

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You should accept this answer! It will let future users see that it's easy to recalibrate and they don't have to solder a new chip on ;)

by Chris Cline

Yeah I'm not convinced accelerometers are as accurate/reliable as people claim, I hope they improve, but for example, my G1's accelerometer stopped working one day, but then was restored by the next software update. Hopefully they will get better.

by rab777hp

kudos, you get an up vote from me.

by mayer

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From what I know, the accelerometer is part of the logic board, in which case it's not worth and very difficult to repair. You'll probably either have to get it replaced, professionally (and expensively done) or live with it.

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Hi, thanks for fast response ;)

I did some searching and found out that you are correct, it is the small chip on mainboard that is 3x3mm in size with 16 pins to solder back on mainboard. My luck is I have a friend who can replace that chip for me ;) The price of the chip is only 6-7$, so I think it is worth a try, what you think?



by Alf

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Ok, I ordered the accelerometer chip:


It will arrive in a month :(

It is around 20$ which is not a pocket break. I have a free soldering man, so it is a go.

Will let you know how it went in the end.


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That's great you were able to do your own research and luckily have access to free soldering. Just remember to be and tell your friend to be careful. Will minute soldering such as that, it's fairly easy to destroy some integral component on the board.

by rab777hp

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Alf will be eternally grateful.