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MacBook late 2009 Not powering on

So I have this MacBook (late 2009) which doesn't power on. I got it this way so I've never seen it running.

When I press the power button the cd drive spins up as there is a disc in there, the sleep light comes on and the fan comes on. That's it, no other activity even after repeated attempts to reset the smc and pram. Plugging in the charger charges the battery but turns it on instantly when it's connected. If I turn it off, 30 seconds later it will power on again.

I tested the ram sockets individually with both sticks, no difference. No beeps with no ram either.

I also removed the keyboard to rule out the top case and powered on by shorting the ribbon cable connector, same thing.

I tried removing various connectors to see if a drive or airport card was the issue, they were not.

I even tried taking the battery out and letting it "rest" for a few hours, nothing. Also does the same off the adapter only.

The guy I got it from recons the lvds socket is faulty and that is causing it but I can't see that stopping booting?

Right now I'm thinkIng new logic board but I'd rather try anything I've missed before I do that. If anyone has a suggestion I'd be glad to hear it! I'm not afraid of a soldering iron either, I have a reflow station too.

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I had this same type machine come in two weeks ago. It appeared to have problems with the Display Data Cable. When I moved the screen it changed the lines in the screen. Ordered a new cable from PowerBook Medic. Replaced it carefully. When finished the machine would do nothing. No tone, no noise from the drives. Had another tech redo my work in case I missed something with the same result. The logic board was not removed nor was anything to do with the power supply messed with. Wish I had a better answer for you but I wanted you to know that there may be something screwy going on with the cable and its replacement.


Ok so I opened it up and removed the cd, but I notice with no cd in the drive it doesn't initialise. Is that normal? It still accepts and spins up discs?


Sorry Mayer just noticed your response. That's interesting to note. Should these machines power on without that cable attached? What did you do with it in the end?


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I put mine in a drawer and will wait till I have another one in for repair so I have something to test with.

mactech plus http://www.ifixit.com/User/208460/mactec... also worked on this machine and recommended the same.

I know this is a lousy answer but that's why I put it as a comment at first. The only other thing I know to do would be to start throwing money at it and sent it to someone like Apple or DT&T Services. http://www.dttservice.com/maclaptops.htm...

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Do you think it's worth me sending it to one of those repair companies that advertises on ebay? They seem to have a lot of good feedback but it'll cost me £55 if they can't repair it. I asked about it and they recon it's a common problem, though I wonder what they think the solution is.

I've heard lots of people making simple upgrades to these machines then getting this same problem. It's not a fitment issue with those little grounding switches on the board is it? I can't think what else it'd be.


I agree with Mayer on the one that he has in for repair. As it was displaying something prior to the new cable, unless the cable was DOA (which was most likely tested) then i would wait for some other known good parts to be able to locate the exact failed component.


As for your Macbook Joel, you mentioned that you got it this way. did the previous owner tell you anything about it's history? the short answer would be the worst case, that is the logic board, which you already seem to be leaning towards. Especially since it does not give you any POST beeps even without RAM in the sockets. I would focus my checks on the CPU and chipset on your Macbook to see if there are any signs of damage/corrosion or even bad solder joints, which may be extremely difficult to repair and may possibly ruin your logic board.


I will let you know if I make any progress on this machine. I talked to Apple today and they will fix it (or any laptop) for a flat rate of $350, to matter what it needs). I f I can't get some answer on it in a couple of weeks I may go for it.


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