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  • Answer to: Power button not working, all other keys ok?

    Well I checked the pins for the power button for continuity when I pushed the button and got nothing so I knew it had to be the keyboard. I popped off the power key and carfully removed the little rubber button. This left the actual contact exposed and pushing hard on this powers up the machine. I just glued in a very small piece of plastic to the underside of the key and now I can use the power button again :) I guess a bit of liquid did just get into the power button so actually, a new keyboard would have sorted it.
  • Answer to: MacBook Unibody A1342 no power after water damage to logic board

    FYI that top component with the white dot on it is a fuse.
  • Answer to: Won't power on, totally unresponsive.

    The inductor was surface mounted and yes, soldered to the board. You would need an SMD rework station too due to it's design. It's a shame since it's a part that's worth less than 50p. Check on your board for a small round component like this: If you push on it and the ticking changes the likelyhood is that's your problem. Of course there could be lots of things making a ticking noise but not if nothing else turns on. I changed the magsafe board, battery and battery status board, none fixed the issue. If your HDD is ticking it's almost certainly dead but you have confirmed that's not the case. If nothing else powers on then I think you are looking at the same problem I had. I have some spare inductors of the same value if you want them, I'll not have a use for them now. How did your macbook die? Liquid? Just stopped turning on? More details are needed.
  • Answer to: Won't power on, totally unresponsive.

    Well I have it mostly working now, when I plugged it in I noticed a ticking sound coming from the middle of the logic board. Then I noticed an inductor was blown. Replaced it from a parts board and boom all worked great. Only thing now is the battery doesn't work, or something in the path to the battery doesn't work. The battery status has an x through it and it says there's no battery found. Any ideas on this would be appreciated.