Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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Ok either hard drive or logic board?

Ok so for in the past 24 hrs i have replaced the battery, charged it, tried to restore it (which it wont restore due to error 1437). I have uninstalled v9.o.2 iTunes and reinstalled v7.7 iTunes and tried resyncing it and failed.(By the way i couldnt figure out how to restore it on that version).

Then when i disconnected the iPod it would remain frozen with the "Do not disconnect" until i reset the iPod. Which then it would not restart and kept turning off without coming on.

After three tries of trying to get the device to turn on, i then get the message saying to reconnect to the computer and restore, then shut off and remained off because of a dead battery?? It did manage to get music on the device, which it said about 800 songs, but when disconnected from the computer it had 5 songs from the same artist.

And it says that the iPod cannot be synced because of a missing file?

So i ask, what to do? Is it a bad hard drive or logic board? Or both? Iam at my wits end! I love iTunes and iPod cause its super easy to use anywhere, but this is crazy!

ADMIN EDIT: Here is the entire context for the question. For those of you who are answering, please look at the context of the question to best answer: My iPod keeps erasing the memory every few days., My ipod is corrupted, Replace battery, but iPod very slow response, Replace battery, had to restore, now it says it cannot be restored, Error 1437, If I delete itunes..., Well I deleted itunes..., Ok either hard drive or logic board?, Hard drive brands.

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sounds like a hard drive issue, try re-formatng the drive in disk utility (if you have a Mac) or Disk Management (if you have windows), you will need to format it in NTFS, or FAT32, if that doesn't fix it, or it says format failed, then either the drive is bad, or the logic board is. most likely, the drive is bad, if you decide to replace something, try that first, since drives tend to be cheaper

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Ok i wil try that seeing how at one point in the beginning it did say it could not be connected to iTunes because it was corrupt. But the iPod did say the battery was dead when i plugged it into the wall charger, and i plugged it in the wall charger after i was trying to turn on the iPod three times and nothing happened. Bad battery? I bought it from iFixit


when you installed the battery, there is a small chance that you may have slightly dislodged the cable for the hard drive, if you can't format the drive succesfuly, try disconnecting and reconnecting both ends of that cable before deciding to replace anything. Also, i would reccomend using a piece of tape to make sure the battery is making contact to the back cover, from my experiences with these iPods, that seems to provide a nessicary ground for the iPod battery, allowing it to hold a charge.


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In getting some context for the question, is this the same iPod as your other questions, with the following info: "i had it hooked to my Sony CD player in my truck and was using it to control the iPod.... Bad choice! That i think killed my battery. Not turning on is a new one" and "Well a new symptom. Not only will it not charge or come on while being plugged into the computer, but also it tries to come on, and i see the Apple logo and i hear a clicking noise then it cuts out."?

If so, combining this information with the battery problem, it sounds like a combination of logic board (electrical damage from CD player hookup, and battery issues) and hard drive (clicking and refusal to restore).

iPod Videos are really the most finicky iPod thus far...Having troubleshot nearly 100 of these things, it is not unheard of for multiple parts to die simultaneously.

I'm sorry you're having such a difficult time with this. It looks from another of your questions that your next step is replacing the hard drive. Please keep us posted on one post, so context can aid in diagnosis.

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