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  • Answer to: How do you permanently erase photos from iPhone before selling?

    You can force-restore the phone with iTunes, this will delete all data on the phone. Plug the device into a computer with iTunes installed. Select the iPhone you want to erase in iTunes and click the "Restore iPhone" button. That will re-install iOS and erase all data from the device.
  • Answer to: Please help me identify this component?

    I'd be willing to bet that that component isn't what went bad in your machine. Before attempting a risky and difficult repair on a board that (for the most part) probably works, look into replacing the top case or repairing the keyboard. You shouldn't have too much difficulty popping the shift key off, just remember not to use excessive force, that's your worst enemy when working with these things. From there you can remove the key mechanism and clean things out. That may be all it takes. If that doesn't work, you can also replace the top case, iFixit sells it here and you could also probably find it from other vendors as well, probably without the same warranties though. As a side note, I've never worked on these machines but it may be possible to separate the keyboard from the top case and replace just that. It would definitely be cheaper but someone with more experience might be able to give some better insight than myself. It looks like just the keyboard assembly is available on eBay if you want to pursue...
  • Answer to: Beeping sound after upgrading RAM. The old RAM work fine.

    This is usually caused by defective RAM, according to Apple it means that the RAM did not pass an integrity check. It's possible that one of the sticks of ram you bought was defective and is causing this error. You can troubleshoot further by testing each module of new RAM at a time, if it boots with just one of the sticks, then you know which one is bad. Other than that, PC3-10600 is the correct type of memory for this computer so you didn't buy the wrong part, once you figure out which one is bad, try exchanging it for a new one from wherever you bought it.
  • Answer to: Getting a lot of BSODs and Kernel Panics in Windows and Linux

    Blue screens can be caused by both software and hardware related issued. My guess is that you either have bad RAM (memtest won't always pick this up) or a bad hard drive. I don't believe that your GPU or software is the problem. Power supplies usually fail completely and not in the way you're describing. However, a 330W power supply isn't a whole lot, it might be okay for the specs you've described. However, you may be due for an upgrade. You can test your ram with memtest, or by removing and testing one module at a time and seeing if you get blue screens then. Your hard drives actually have a built in self-testing feature called "S.M.A.R.T.", the data produced by this can be viewed in programs such as CrystalDiskInfo. This program will display the S.M.A.R.T. status of your hard drives and will tell you any problems with your disks. Did you build your PC or buy it from a manufacturer? If you bought it, can you please tell me the model number, this will help me look into the issue further.
  • Answer to: Truck wont stay running

    I'm going to try and answer this with the best of my general car knowledge, unfortunately, I've never owned/fixed a Dodge Ram, but in my opinion if you can fix one car, you can fix them all. If you don't own a service manual for your car and want to troubleshoot this yourself, buy/borrow one, it's an incredibly valuable tool. If the engine was overhauled/rebuilt, then the problem it probably with the air intake, vacuum system, or exhaust system and not the engine itself. Is the check engine light on? Reading that with a code-scanner could give you valuable information about the problem. Some auto part stores will scan your car for free. If you have no check engine light, the problem probably lies with the 3 systems I listed, and you will need to troubleshoot this yourself or take it to a mechanic. First start with the vacuum system, as this is the easiest to troubleshoot. It's possible that a vacuum line may have been damaged during the engine overhaul. This video details the process pretty well. You can also...
  • Answer to: replaced display assembly won't slide to unlock

    First, open the phone up again and check and reseat all of the connections from the display/digitizer assembly. If this doesn't fix the problem, you may have received a defective part. This happens pretty often and the only course of action is to try and return the part to the seller in exchange for a new one. If you bought it on eBay or Amazon where parts are cheaper and of lower quality, it may be best to try to get a refund and order a new part from iFixit instead.
  • Answer to: MacBook Pro Early 2011 A1286 can not see the disk

    Can you clarify the problem that you're having? I believe that you own a MacBook Pro, not a PowerBook, based on age and model number. It sounds like your computer can't read either the hard disk or an inserted optical disk. If you're looking for a low-level reset, you would need to do a PRAM reset or an SMC reset.
  • Answer to: My Xbox One's fan is making this weird noise

    It's most likely the console's system fan. Since it seems to be a common problem, I wouldn't worry about it too much, but if you're really concerned, there is a course of action that you can take. The first thing that I would recommend is lubricating it with a mineral oil, don't use WD40 for this. You'll need to disassemble the console to the point where you have access to the top of the motherboard, such as step 10 of this guide. I can't tell from the pictures, but it looks like you can remove the plastic fan assembly from the heatsink. Do that, and then use this procedure to lubricate the system fan. That should quiet the fan down and possibly extend it's life.
  • Answer to: My internal microphone dead after replacing hard disk

    I've read a few comments on different forums, such as this one, about the microphones in these computers, and I wouldn't be so sure that the issues are your fault. Microphone problems seem to be pretty common on these machines. Some can be solved by a reboot, PRAM reset, or even unplugging and reconnecting external speakers or other peripherals. Try the PRAM reset on the next one that you fix and see if that fixes it. You should be able to easily test the microphone in the audio settings menu.
  • Answer to: BB Z10 NAND Flash Memory Recovery / Removal

    The NAND flash most likely couldn't be swapped into another phone. I'm not a BlackBerry expert, but on most cell phones, parts of the flash memory that contain important system files are encrypted with keys unique to the phones that they came in. Installing the NAND flash in another phone would most likely cause even more problems. Do you have a MicroSD card in the phone? You can take that out, put it in a card reader, and access the files on it independently from the phone. If not, recovery might still be possible. The first thing to try would be booting the phone in safe mode (If you haven't already tried it, you just turn the phone on while holding the escape key) The next is a little more risky. I don't know how the BlackBerry filesystem works, but if you can plug the phone in and mount the internal storage on a computer, you could theoretically use a data recovery program such as FileScavenger to recover the files that have been damaged or deleted. This, however, would require that you restore the phone ...


  • Xbox 360 S Heat Sink Replacement

    Uggghhhh, Microsoft is still using X-Clamps. Didn't they learn anything from the original 360?

  • BlackBerry Bold 9700 Teardown

    ONYX might be the codename for the processor, or the codename of the GSM-based (AT&T) version of the phone.

  • Bluetrek Skin Teardown

    haha, silence of the lambs, great movie, and a good teardown

  • PlayStation 2 Teardown

    I have the ethernet adaptor with mine but no hard drive, how do you get the hard drive to work in it?

  • Sony CD Walkman D-NF430 Teardown

    Ohh, Black Album.

  • iPhone 4 Teardown

    Could it really be? Just a little bit of user-serviceability?

  • NeXTstation Teardown

    Quote from tabormeister:

    It's incredible how modern this board looks, despite its being so dated.

    Yep, this was one fast of a workstation back in 90"

  • NeXTstation Teardown

    Quote from Juddy:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhfUKEu7s... The Machine to Build the Machines: Watch NeXT's revolutionary computer controlled (NeXT Cubes - no less) assembly line in action!


  • Power Mac G5 Processor and Cooling Unit Replacement

    This is a great teardown/guide! you should email one of the iFixit staff members and have them post it so the whole community can see it!

  • PlayStation 3 Slim Teardown

    Quote from Threedays:

    No modchip now success. this machine will be a flop unless someone finds a means to mod it.

    There really isn't much modding that can be done, it supports ripping games to the hard drive, it can browse the internet, the only reason I can see to mod it, would be to restore playability for PS2/PS1 games.