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Can I replace/repair CF pin assembly (bent pins) on Nikon D70 myself?

can i replace/repair CF pin assembly (bent pins) on Nikon D70 myself?

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The smallest I've dealt with is VGA ports and IDE hard drive connectors, but this should be fixable, depending on the severity of the damage.

If the pin is bent at the base, but is otherwise undamaged, it should be a relatively simple task to just straighten it out. Since the pins are far too close together to use most needle-nose pliers (even the small ones sold here), I suggest a very small flat-tip screwdriver (glasses-repair style).

If the pin is simply leaning against another pin, you may be able to try just pushing the tip of the pin SLOWLY back into place without dismantling the camera, assuming you can see what you're doing. If, however, the pin is bent further down, you'll need a bit more leverage, which means taking it apart to access the assembly.

While none of the guides here currently show how to remove the CF assembly, Nikon D70 Rear Cover Assembly Replacement should get you close. From the look of it (Step 9, second photo), there's a couple screws holding a metal plate over the lens motor that reaches the assembly in question and may be hiding a ribbon cable. (Wishing I had one in front of me to confirm...) My understanding is that it's not overly complex to remove the assembly, so it should be (hopefully) simple once you get to that last step. (Pictures and notes for another guide would be welcome, should you be up for it!)

Once you have the assembly out and the pins exposed, place one edge of the screwdriver tip as close to the bend as possible, then twisting the driver, force the pin back up. Make sure you're not pushing against any of the other pins. You may need to re-position the driver once the pin is at a sufficiently vertical angle. Just GO SLOW and keep checking for proper alignment. If it looks even a little off, keep trying.

Once it's lined back up with the other pins, inserting a CF card should confirm the job. Of course, BE CAREFUL. A previously bent pin is less sturdy than others. Metal is never as strong once it's been bent and unbent.

If the pins are actually crimped or mangled, I doubt you'll get it unbent sufficiently for continued use and a replacement will likely be necessary. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find one for you...most places would rather do it for you and charge $100+ for it.

I hope this information helps.

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Jerry, see if this is the manual that is may be needed to fix it. http://www.keepandshare.com/doc/2730012/... hope it helps since you were already so descriptive.


Wow...good find, oldturkey03!!! That's exactly what I was looking for. My Google-fu is slipping. (Why can't all devices have manuals like this available? All they have to do is put a big disclaimer on it: WARNING: USE BY ANYONE BUT AN AUTHORIZED TECHNICIAN WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY)


I know, why do they try to make it such big secret. It is really not going to persuade someone to fix their own camera if they do not know how....good luck


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Instead of making up possible solutions, why not just go with the one known solution that Nikon actually employs. I have done this a dozen times and it works perfectly.

a) Order new CF card form Nikon's Parts department. You can do this over the phone: 1-310-414-8107.

The part number is 1F998-181. About $20 plus shipping.

Nikon will send you a brand new, never used part.

b) replace old CF card PCB with new part.

Sorry to seem sarcastic in my response, but I am a bit amazed to hear people making up possible solutions! Production cameras are standardized- you do not need to hack/bend/crunch/distort anything in them to return them to normal- just call for the proper part and replace it. Advising someone to put a screwdriver in between the CF card pins is not great advice, especially if you have never done it to that particular camera before!

Don't forget to employ standard anti-static practices.

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no no no that cannot be a solution since the power supply is connected to that card unit. if the prongs are bent, try straightening it , if it cannot, then the entire power supply has to be purchased. that power supply contains the card reader as well and then once the power supply is reset, you have to send it to the company to have the firmware reinstalled

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gerald khan, think positive :-) lets take a look at the pins first. Like you said , if they are bent, try straightening those. Always check for corrosion and debris as well. Again, the partslist, complete service manual and the software for the camera are available at http://www.keepandshare.com/doc/2730012/...


Unfortunately that keepandshare account doesnt allow sharing now so I've been unable to download the doc, anyone know anywhere else to get it?



Lewis Gorman, try that link again. If you have no luck email me. My address is in my profile....


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