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Jerry's Computer Service

Managed IT Services Provider (outsourced IT for small businesses) with a background in repair and maintenance.


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Game Boy Batteries Replacement

This guide will illustrate how to replace the...

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Game Boy Speaker Replacement

This guide explains how to replace the speaker...

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IBM Thinkpad T60 Palm Rest Replacement

Always power down the computer before...

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Toshiba Satellite A505 series Battery Replacement

After unplugging the external power supply,...

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Super Nintendo Eject Button Replacement

For this procedure you will have to first...

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IBM Thinkpad T60 Battery Replacement

This guide will help you replace the battery on...

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Nintendo GameCube Fan replacement for cleaning

This guide shows how to properly remove and...

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Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook Teardown

While Google hosts a scavenger hunt, iFixit has...