• Answer to: Can I replace/repair CF pin assembly (bent pins) on Nikon D70 myself?

    Instead of making up possible solutions, why not just go with the one known solution that Nikon actually employs. I have done this a dozen times and it works perfectly. a) Order new CF card form Nikon's Parts department. You can do this over the phone: 1-310-414-8107. The part number is 1F998-181. About $20 plus shipping. Nikon will send you a brand new, never used part. b) replace old CF card PCB with new part. Sorry to seem sarcastic in my response, but I am a bit amazed to hear people making up possible solutions! Production cameras are standardized- you do not need to hack/bend/crunch/distort anything in them to return them to normal- just call for the proper part and replace it. Advising someone to put a screwdriver in between the CF card pins is not great advice, especially if you have never done it to that particular camera before! Don't forget to employ standard anti-static practices.
  • Answer to: How can I find out how many shutter actuations I have left?

    the easiest way is to take a picture and upload it directly to EXIF online, which will give you the actuations (see "shutter count") in a few seconds.
  • Answer to: Nikon D60 Dull image problem

    try a different lens to see if the problem is with the lens or the camera. It is most likely the lens.
  • Answer to: Len Auto Focus broken

    if it is the 18-55mm plastic lens, it is probably not worth repairing. If it is a lens that cost more than $250, try to get it repaired.
  • Answer to: Where can I find purchase the CCD Sensor part

    Nikon will not sell it to you as their policy is not to sell internal parts. The only alternative is to buy a used/broken camera and salvage it, or buy it from reseller on eBay. E.g. similar to this.
  • Answer to: I have to change the LCD of my new Nikon COOLPIX S6000

    MBK is the one that the red shirt protesters burned... Pantip Plaza is the one with hundreds of tehchnology shops: Pantip Plaza
  • Answer to: I have to change the LCD of my new Nikon COOLPIX S6000

    You;re actually in the right part of the world...Coolpix is made in China, not far away! Nikon also employs about 4000 people just north of Bangkok, making SLR's in a huge factory. What you have to do is call Nikon Thailand, or go there when you are in Bangkok. They will have a parts department that will sell you the LCD for about $20 to $40 USD. Then you just take out the screws on the case and replace the LCD- no soldering. You might be able to get Nikon to email you a service manual as well. The only tool required is a #00 screwdriver. There's also a huge electronics mall in downtown Bangkok with computer and camera stores, where they have a lot of little repair shops that will replace the LCD on the spot. Having been to Laos, I would say the chances of doing any of this there are slim to none... good luck
  • Answer to: My flash does not turn on at all after it fell.

    If you poke around the net, you will find the parts and the service manual. Try looking for "SB-600 parts list" and a similar search for the service manual. - Usually it is the tube that is shot int he SB-600 after it falls down. - Nikon's parts department in the US will sell you a new tube (part # XE701) for about $11 + shipping. You need to be adept at soldering to replace it - a simple test to determine whether the problem is on the tube end is to use a voltmeter to measure the flash capacitor voltage. It should be about 300V DC. Look in the service manual where they show you how to discharge the capacitor- use the same contacts to make the measurement. - if all else fails, a broken SB-600 goes for $40-90 on Ebay! D