The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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Fans spin and then stop spinning

I have an xbox 360 which keep getting the RROD, I clean the gpu and the other chips and place a new set of thermal paste on those chips. I use artic silver 5, after all this is done, I power on the xbox 360 and the fans spin, then the RROD appear on the front of the console, I know the fan is not bad, because I swap it from another xbox that is working fine, I am wandering, could my heat sink be causing this problem, since ther RROD is normally a sign of hardware failure, thanks for all your help.

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how many lights, and which ones they are make a difference. It may be more than the RROD repair fix is needed here..


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In theory, yes it could be. In all reality, you have not fixed the problem. The heatsink may still not provide enough heat dissipation and you may still have a GPU that does not make proper contact. That is what the clamps as supposed to assist with. A re-flow of the board would, for the lack of an easier explanation, re-solder your GPU. But the clamps can provide enough downward force of the GPU to assist to make better contact with the logic board. I hope this makes sense...Good Luck and the RROD kit is available here

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit Image


Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit


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Ok if this is a wrong answer, can somebody enlighten me? Just wondering where the downvote comes from without explanation. Would be nice to know


+ I've negated the anonymous downvote till an explanation is given


I appreciate that, was just wondering about that. I am okay with getting downvoted but always felt that some sort of information should be given. I did not think I was off that much to have earned it :-)


don't see much wrong here. I think that most people leave off the clamps as they cause stressing of board? i asked about reapplying the clamps and was told not to bother and to go ahead without the washers...just to use the nuts and bolts. I found tightening the bolts with the washers on difficult to get the right tension for contact with heatsink/gpu. I'll find the link to my question. i'm by no means an expert but have repaired 3 in this way...1 then had an e74?(sorted that out), the other refused to fix and the last one still works.. until the one of the kids breaks it!


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I really can't tell what kind of problem you have. Is your red ring "half-full" or is it "three-fourths-full?"(I'll Assume This)

Not every RRoD is caused by a problem with the GPU and CPU. If you aren't the original owner of the console and don't know it's repair history, it might have a problem somewhere else, such as a damaged diode, or broken traces on the motherboard. You should look around the motherboard for damage to to any of the circuits, or scratches that may be breaking traces. You should also inspect the CPU and GPU for cracks, and scratches, as these may cause problems too. Also, for your X-Clamps, you need to have two washers(Not One!)between the motherboard and heatsink for each screw.

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