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airport card detected but cant turn it on

i have a mid 2010 macbook pro had liquid damaged but was functional except for keyboard and airport card. i replaced the keyboard and its working fine did all necessary steps in trying to get airport card to work except replacing. the card is detected in system profile bluetooth works but just cant turn airport on should i replace airport card or is it the motherboard because when i opened the mac to replace the keyboard there was not liquid damage to the motherboard nor the airport card any suggestions?

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sent it to apple they said they found water damage and would cost $1200 to replace the mother board so i called customer relations and pretty much begged them to fix it and apple is fixing it free of charge yessssss only paid $730 for plus the little extras i think i got a pretty good deal ;)

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There's no way of knowing if that card is good or not unless you try the card in another working Mac. I you can't track down a machine to test the card on then I would suggest you replace it before trouble-shooting or diagnosing the Logicboard as the problem. Remove the topcase and remove the card...check for corrosion on the contacts to the logicboard connection and check the terminals for the Bluetooth and Wifi cables as well.

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ive ran diagnostics on motherboard and everything checks out fine im thinking that it might be the ribbon cable that connects the airport card to the logic board. ive bought another aiport card so il know soon enough wether its the card or cables im almost sure its not the board but ya never know


Ok ive installed windows 7 via boot camp and windows 7 detects the airport card but is saying its not connected so sounds like the cable and not the card uh? im going to try both its just these wifi/bluetooth cables cost too much but oh well i need my airport card working asap


First off I am not an Apple guru, I don't even own one - never have. If Windows 7 is acknowledging the existence of your card and stating it is not connected you need to use the network/connections manager to define your connection and give it permission. If the device manager of Windows 7 doesn't have your card as a problem item then it is a driver or configuration problem. If there is an error instead of replacing the cables or card why don't you first try cleaning the board and the cable ends with a tooth brush and isopropyl alcohol and reseating them, since it worked fine prior to the exposure to liquid. Randomly replacing items only cost more money and doesn't solve problems.


thanks i didnt think of using a tooth brush il try that windows says theres something wrong with a cable or cable is broke so im guessing the cable needs a little cleaning il try that thanks much


No luck with cleaning it im going to replace the cord and see what happens but if bluetooth is working and the airport card is bluetooth/wifi combo i dont see the cable being the issue this is frustrating, time consuming and expensive i havent found anyone on the web with this exact same issue. keyboard $88, airport card $100, cable $28 lol i should get the sirport card by fri havent bought the cable yet i want to see if its airport card first before spending extra $30 hopefully it isnt the motherboard :(


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